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I love ponies, bronies, and matrimonies! I'm an author, artist, and plushie-maker. I create stuff and I try to make it awesome. Relax. You're in good company. ❤ ~Since 2012~

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    2020! Happy Hearth's Warming~!


    Hiya, y'all~!

    Hope everypony has had / having a wonderful Hearth's Warming and Christmas Day~! :yay:

    I just put up a new story for this (very troubled) year. Enjoy with hot cocoa or something. Take a moment and relax~ :raritywink:

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    Happy Hearth's Warming!

    Perhaps a tad late but it's been a long day (of fun).

    Tearing myself away from binging the manga of Kase-san to write some more Wallflower/Sunset/SciTwi polysbian fluff. If I get any cavities it won't be from the holiday chocolate. :ajsmug:

    Also, holiday sirens~ :heart:

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    Holiday Special Part 2

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    It's live~! :heart:

    Now, I'm going back to these holiday cookies over here...:rainbowwild:

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    Happy holidays 2019, y'all~! <3

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    Hope y'all are having a wonderful holiday season! :heart: :raritystarry:

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    Sirens~!!!! <3

    It's not just my new siren story that's going LIVE right now. :heart:

    Everyone's favorite songfishes are BACK! :heart: :heart:
    [EDIT: In respect of fimfic policy, I removed the link. Those interested in seeing the music video should check out Equestria Daily for information.]

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Button's Mom and Writing · 3:53am Aug 26th, 2016

I finally finished the next plushie I was working on! And both the standing and laying/cuddle versions too! I decided to take on a fan-created character this time, but one many know of. Here she is: Button's Mom! Be sure to check out my DA pages for her. :pinkiehappy:

DA entry for standing plushie. <3

DA entry for laying cuddle. <3

In writing news, I am coming along with the final chapter to Looking Up and will then work on finishing Starlight, Starbright. Hope ya look forward to it~ :raritywink:

Report BlackWater · 165 views · Story: Looking Up ·
Comments ( 5 )

An amazing writer and a plushie creator. Fishy is so proud... and slightly jealous. <3

Thank you! :twilightblush:

Want some more Sunlight food, my little fishy? :rainbowlaugh:

4172766 is that even a question anymore? Sunlight is the lifeblood for this aqautic being now.

LOL Well you should really enjoy Legend of the Everfree then and all the fresh shipfics that will be coming out after it releases. :yay:

I know I will. :trollestia:

4177307 Is it wrong I already preordered it? I mean, I know I don't need a physical copy this day and age but its just one of those things I was like I wanttttt. Plus I get a poster... lol.

I'm just nervous that stupid camp dude is going to ruin our dreams of perfection.

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