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Hello there everyone. My name's Nick. I'm a writer, college graduate, and oddball. Thanks for coming to my page, I hope you enjoy it here!

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Why still can't I quit you Cheda Blade (Monster Hunter part Deux) and Flash's Demon 1.1 update · 6:46am Aug 25th, 2016

Yeah, most of you probably saw that coming. But not this!

Didn't expect that, did ya? (or was it that?)

Anyway...well, from one of my last messages I was about 40 hours into MHGen, and now I'm 156 hours in.


Had some trouble these past few weeks getting things done, most of which was blamed on said hunting game. I'm HR 67 or so now, and rocking everything. And to be honest, I'm actually having trouble with the Great Sword this time around. At least when I'm not spamming Aerial Greatsword charges. Adept isn't easy, and Striker I dunno. Guild with a move and absolute evade seems to be doing quite well for me. Absolute Evade's very useful, especally for the I-frames and the slowness that is the Greatsword.

I've mostly used the Bow, dual swords, HBG, SA and the cats (especally earlygame). Looking for to mess around with more. Oh, I've taken so use to adept and aerial now it's kinda tricky to go back. XD.

Anyway, I played too much, and the solution was simple, bring it elsewhere and leave it. So my 3DS sits at my mom's place while I detox off games, and avoid the temptation to pull out my Xbox and play a fighting game.

Instead, I finally got stuff done! Yay.
Looking over the past few chapters... I know I gotta go back and give them a quick overhaul. So, I'm making my way through my previous chapters, looking at the and updating them. The big four part fight I just had is gonna get changed, so enjoy that while you can (I'll upload it later for archive purposes. I am proud of that fight, even if it breaks the flow of the story). Version two will be better and much shoter, you have my word.

When I make those final changes, chapter 13 will be uploaded alongside them. It's most of the way done now, but I wanna finish this arc once and for all before I move on to the next. I have more time on my hands lately, especially after ridding myself of my MH drug, so expect progress soon. I've already done chapters 1 and 2 and uploaded their new versions up. Not much changed for 2, but 1 had a lot of changes. For anyone who likes FD, I recommend you look and see mk2. I'll either be silently making changes (until the big fight) or do it all in one sweeping motion (chapter 1 needed this the most).

Almost 3 am now, wish me well people. Take care, and I'll see you all later with some much more good news!

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