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Changeling fears confirmed - or are they? · 11:13am Aug 24th, 2016

Okay, so "The Times They Are A-Changeling" has just aired, and it seems that "The Power of Two" really is under threat. I haven't seen the episode (in fact, I haven't seen any beyond "The Mane Attraction" yet. Some MLP fan I turn out to be!), but from what few spoilers I allowed myself, the central character is shown not only to have become more benign by the end of the episode, he also intends to spread the same message throughout his kingdom. If this comes to pass, then it'd ruin a vital plot device in my own story - that is to say the changeling kingdom is still a hostile, imperialist nation that aims to claim Equestria for itself - and that in turn would mean that I'd have to rewrite the story altogether so that it fits more closely within the canon.

I know I'm probably being way too picky about this episode and the story I'm working on, but the thing about me is that I find it difficult to make a story work well in an AU setting, especially when I'm already well into the storyline. This is particularly the case with "The Power of Two", and the changeling OC around whom the story revolves, Hornette, has become as dear to my heart as she has to a certain red-furred unicorn railway enthusiast, so to change her backstory - her entire personality, even - would be an absolute wrench after all the work I put into creating the character and writing the story.

Although, now I come to think of it, do I really need to go to that length in the first place? See, I've got the theory in the back of my mind that Chrysalis is the sort of queen who will not be swayed by the more altruistic and diplomatic views of Celestia and her subjects, and it therefore stands to reason that Thorax (rather an unimaginative name for a changeling, but then I've pretty much adapted Hornette's name from an insect, so I've not really got a lot of room to complain) would be very much a lone voice among a much larger demographic of power-hungry changelings. I'd probably have to change the canon of my story so that Twilight and Spike, at the very least, are a lot more inviting than most of the rest of the characters, maybe add in a few plot points that either feature Thorax directly or at least provide a possible explanation as to what happened to him after he left the Crystal Empire. If anyone has any other suggestions, then feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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