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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .

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    Just an update!

    Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

    Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

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    Oh! And I forgot!

    Yes, to those wondering, I'm trying to figure out how to format all the stories to self-publish the chronicle of Legacy.

    I was surprised, very humbled and honored beyond all belief when some readers asked if I was planning to do so. Now, there is money coming in, I can plan on this.

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    Let's try this again....

    Okay, I said I received the messages, yes. I did not say it would turn into something bad. A love scene? I did one in the story, nothing bad at all except a nicely short thing that let you know they loved each other. My definition of 'hot' is very different from a lot of folks.

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    Messages Received :)

    Now, I'm an adult, lots of folks here are adults, we all ..blah blah blah blah. And that's over with.

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    I have been hired onto a new job, and I'm excited! Plus scared. Trust me, traveling round the country laying fiber optic cable doens't sound bad, but it's a big change from what I was doing.

    I have not stopped writing, it's been a hard last few months, but I have a ton of chapters to update with!

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My Sincere Apologies · 12:25am Aug 24th, 2016

I am afraid life went south after Christmas, causing me to drop off the map for a while. But I'm digging out of this little hole, and have time once again to write, to add to the story that continues on.

Please, accept my humblest and warmest regards to everyone that still read this and enjoyed it. More coming right now.

You're all awesome, period.


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Comments ( 57 )

Glad to see that you are back. been wondering If you were ok. Was thinking of trying to borrow some drop commandos* to look for you.

* See. " Path of the Fury" David Weber

It has been a long road, unlike some things. Thanks so much for the kind thoughts too :) Coulda used a few Drop Commandos :)

4167979 was wondering what happened to that story man. It was really good and i was honestly sad that it stopped where it did. Hope to see some more soon, and I'm glad your slowly rebuilding your life.

4167985 Thanks so much, for sticking with it. There's so much more story to tell, it just keeps flowing with ideas. Hopefully you enjoy what comes next :)

Yes yes yes yes!!!!! Good to have you back.

Welcome back! :yay:
And I hope things are looking up for you, as well.

Looking forward to more Bolo-pony (bolony?) action.


4167990 Thank you so much, it's good to be here again :)

4167994 They are, thank you :) Bolony, like that, now that is good :)

Welcome back, I lost my bet that you had deployed.

well, to be fair to you, you DID drop a novel length chapter on us for the holidays.

Hope everything works out for you!

He's alive! We can call off the search party and bloodhounds.

4168051 Oh no, none of that anymore :)

4168050 =)

4168085 It is, thank you for the kind thoughts. Yeah, I did kinda go overboard there, but hey, story! :)

4168092 Wow! Hopefully I won't get lost again, my apologies once more :)

Hoo boy, looks like it's time to do what I always do when an old story comes out of hibernation: Reread it so I can remember what's going on in preparation for new chapters.
...This might take awhile.

Glad to see you are back!

4168104 For a moment there I worried Crusader had blue screened, never to be heard from again. Good to see you're still alive. Though I have been thinking. Do AI's in the bolo universe have a lifespan? Like for example in the Halo universe after a certain amount of time AI's fall victim to rampancy. I know Crusader has spent most of that time offline but it does make me wonder..

Glad your back.:pinkiehappy:

Glad you are doing better, but always remember my friend. RL before online, you take care of what you have to do and we will be here.

Good to see that like his namesake, Nfire can come back from a single ember. Welcome back!

4168160 I've read all of the Boloverse books, but Nfire may have this different in his fics. Since Bolos can be fixed, and some can even make their own parts from scratch, they don't effectively have a limited lifespan. But if they couldn't get replacement parts, they would eventually die the same way HDDs do after to much use thanks to mechanical failure induced by wear and tear. And even if they used all electronic media to eliminate mechanical failure, electrical pathways have a lifespan too, the copper breaks down over time, same with the insulation (Modern wire insulation lasts for about 80 years, we think.). So Bolos do age. It's just they are effectively immortal with the ability to repair.

4168118 Oh boy, sorry bout that. Enjoy though! :)

4168144 Thank you, wonderful to be back :)
4168160 They can. Either destroyed or 'retired' due to obsolescence. A couple of short stories dealt with that. But if in good repair, they can last for ages. Unless senescence gets them, though I haven't seen any stories to that effect as of yet. Let's hope the shmoo who wrote Road to Damascus doesn't try that. :)

4168212 =)

4168218 Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here now :)

4168225 Things are being taken care of slowly, but life goes on. There's just so much to write :) Thank you :)

4168233 Thank you! Good to see you as well!

Show up outta the blue on a random Tuesday and drop off a hundred thousand words....
I think I can forgive you.
This time.:trixieshiftleft:

4168267 Oh you updated? Well that was quick, let se- HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!
Well, it's 4am. Who needs sleep anyway........

I am just glad that you are still breathing. I assumed the worst.

4168278 Thank you! Appreciate it, I'll try harder, promise! :)

4168279 Well...You don't expect me to come back and drop a couple thousand measly words do you? That wouldn't be right :)

4168286 A few folks did, and I apologize. Steps are being taken that if anything does happen, there will be a blog post. That I can promise. And thank you for the welcome back :)

4168248 4168160 you two are talking about two different things.

Meep, you are talking about the hardware only which as you pointed out is a non-issue and not what Jensen was asking based on his reference to 'rampancy' which in Halo is the AI version of multiple personality disorder and Schizophrenia all rolled into one, from what i have seen of it in Halo 4.

Jensen, from what i have read and seen on the net the short answer is no, but i am not the guy that owns the IP nor am i NFire so can't be 100% sure.

4168293 I'm afraid Keith Laumer, the creator of Bolos has passed on. Though his legacy is carried on by worthy authors, and one really awful one. He never truly dealt with the issue.

/Keeper Activity Signature detected

/Reading signature...

/Signature confirmed as EqH-17

"Superintendent, I've received an update from realm EqH-17. Reading signature for confirmation. It's NFire."

Well hot damn. Good to have you back, NFire. I trust during your absence, you didn't plan on eliminating EqH-17? It'd be a shame to loose both the the Bolonies of Equestria. And whomever else you made sure to keep alive, but dormant.

We do hope nothing terribly, horribly, no good, very bad happened during your absence. Or if it did, you have our condolences.

"OSM isn't able to get a visual, they've changed content from rest period. Content reads as... four Chapters."

Holy crap. Get a guy down there. I want to see this.

4168293 I disagree, when dealing with a synthetic organism their hardware must be taken into account in terms of their lifespan as well as any software issues or 'designed to fail in x year' programming measures.

4168293 Originally Rampancy was a process that Smart AI (the ones made from human brains) would go through before reaching meta-stability and becoming a fully sapient entity. At least in theory because the UNSC would delete a rampant AI since the usually went about as crazy as a badge of rabid wolverines dosed with LSD and could do an inconceivable amount of damage. With Halo 4, 343 retconned it.

NFire lives! Run, coward! (oh wait, no, that's Sinistar). :rainbowlaugh:

Glad to see you back! Bearing a huge pile of gifts, even! :pinkiehappy:

4168329 LOL thanks :) And always, gotta make sure you have enough to read :)

4168330 My poor 'catch-ups' folder is going to burst at this rate. :rainbowlaugh: :heart:

4168341 I promise, I'll try...well kinda..to space them out :P

Oh welcome back NFire!!!!!

4168371 Thank you! It's truly wonderful to be back :)

4168373 ohhh Legacy is featured right now. Some intense nostalgia seeing it there.

4168375 I'm not sure, but I think it's because of all the views it has so far. Not sure how the algorithm works, but everytime I post it gets slapped up there. I think the bottom three slots are for the popular but not 'wildly popular' fics :)

4168343 Nah, great big lumps of epic pony-Bolo action is always well-received. :rainbowlaugh:

4168392 Fair enough then! :)

NIce to have you back, was worried about you.

4168427 Thank you so much. :) I apologize for any concern I've caused, it was purely unintentional I assure you.

4168321 damn that is a lot of crazy

4167988 i have high hopes that i will bro. Always enjoyed crusader and Athenas journey through their time in Equestria.

*pounces and hugs tightly* YOUR ALIVE!!! I was actually quite worried about you, won't ask what happened, but know that all yer fans are here for ya!

Why hello again! Long time no see.

I've been waiting to so long to show you this!

Now off to reading your story. FINALLY!

In any case I do hope things are going (or starting to go) well for you. Your disappearing act had us worried, who would I spam lovely spider pics to if you were gone?

4168535 Then I shall attempt to do my best providing you with wild and wacky adventures and stories :)

4168559 I do apologize, just life getting in the way as usual. But, fight fought and am back to write more strange words :)

4168656 That is incredible, seriously incredible. That's an amazing picture! It's wonderful to be back, no cliche' it really is. And more to come, foul weather or Everfree, there will be more stories to tell!

Glad you liked it! I'll make sure the artist knows you liked her work.

great to have you back

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