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Writing various things for various reasons. Not much else to say besides that.

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  • 18 weeks
    Life Update

    I am bored. That is all.

    Also, I am in fact working on something. With any luck, I should be able to finish it by either this month or the next, depending on whether or not I’m too bored to do it.

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  • 24 weeks

    Still alive, just honestly lazing around and all. Sprained my toes somehow, think my sandals are trying to kill me, but I'm taking it as easily as I can.

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  • 52 weeks

    I'm still alive and well, just dealing with some issues involving both a lack of desire to write and a mental block preventing me from writing altogether. I know, it sounds like an excuse and all, but frankly, it's just how it is sometimes. I wish I could feel more motivated to finish some old stories, and maybe even try to work on some other ones, but there just aren't enough hours in the day.

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  • 85 weeks
    Life is Meaningless

    Nothing in life for me has ever been lowed to be happy, and the only times otherwise were my simple ignorance of the truth. The truth to life is that it's nothing but agony and meaningless existence besides dying and bringing others into the world to die as well.

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  • 117 weeks
    Functional Laptop!

    Exactly what it sounds like. My laptop stopped working right about a couple months ago, and while it took some time to get a new hard drive, I have gotten it, replaced the old one, and now can finally start doing commissions again. I'll be finishing up other stories for the time being, but I will at least be able to continue doing what I've been wanting to do for months.

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The Problem with Tag Duels · 1:26am Aug 22nd, 2016

For those of you who play Yu-Gi-Oh!, you can share in my pain. Tag duels are an event that requires teamwork, both players on a team having to do what they need to do to ensure victory for their side. If that is the case though, WHY IS IT THAT ALL OF MY PARTNERS ARE SO GODDAMN STUPID!? Literally every single time I've ever been in a tag duel, my partner has purposely ruined every single attempt to make ANY advancements in the game to try and get into an advantageous situation. I literally am not capable of getting anywhere, all because of my partner purposely being stupid and not doing anything to make things better for us.

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That is a good question, in theory they understand your deck and you theirs. They should have some idea of what cards you have and what you're trying to do when they are aware you're playing them.

The only reasonable answer I can give you is they are more interested in scoring individual wins, so as soon as you "clear the way" they figure it's the perfect time to play for their own personal victories, thus forgetting it's a team match and instead jumping to the idea that it's just a four-way match with it being okay to take out all the other players. But I've never been in those sorts of matches before, so that's it's just a reasonable assumption.

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