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Find yourself an editor who knows how to play on your insecurities · 5:51pm Aug 21st, 2016

[10:34:16 AM] Daniel Jay: ...Oh...
[10:34:19 AM] Daniel Jay: ...OH...
[10:34:30 AM] Daniel Jay: ...Ohhhhhh nooooo...
[10:34:34 AM] Poshy Woshy: wha?
[10:34:44 AM] Daniel Jay: ...I'm going to have a lot to bitch about this chapter...
[10:34:46 AM] Daniel Jay: Man...
[10:34:51 AM] Poshy Woshy: How's that?
[10:34:59 AM] Daniel Jay: Be prepared for... like... MASSIVE rewrites...
[10:35:07 AM] Daniel Jay: Like, an ungodly number of rewrites.
[10:35:10 AM] Daniel Jay: This is...
[10:35:12 AM] Daniel Jay: Wow.
[10:35:15 AM] Daniel Jay: Jesus.
[10:35:30 AM] Poshy Woshy: I was afraid you'd say that and have had time to emotionally prepare myself for the inevitability of it.
[10:35:41 AM] Daniel Jay: ...Oh my GOD.
[10:35:56 AM] Daniel Jay: ...What the fuck were you thinking?
[10:36:05 AM] Poshy Woshy: A lot of things.
[10:37:08 AM] Poshy Woshy: Your blind panic is entertaining and all, but I gotta ask what's terrifying you so.
[10:37:19 AM] Daniel Jay: What the fucking fuck?
[10:37:28 AM] Daniel Jay: Why would you... WHY?!
[10:37:34 AM] Daniel Jay: Agh.
[10:37:39 AM] Daniel Jay: ARGGHHHH
[10:37:41 AM] Poshy Woshy: Deep breaths.
[10:37:43 AM] Poshy Woshy: Use your words.
[10:37:43 AM] Daniel Jay: God fucking damnit Posh.
[10:37:55 AM] Poshy Woshy: Breathe into a paper bag.
[10:38:33 AM] Daniel Jay: This particular bit I'm looking at right now... That doesn't even make SENSE.
[10:38:41 AM] Poshy Woshy: which part?
[10:38:51 AM] Daniel Jay: That's like Snake not being on the stairs times a million.
[10:39:03 AM] Daniel Jay: And then this fucking bit right here.
[10:39:22 AM] Daniel Jay: This dialogue is just random, right?
[10:39:33 AM] Daniel Jay: Like, it's a montage?
[10:39:46 AM] Daniel Jay: Not them actually responding to each other?
[10:40:15 AM] Daniel Jay: Because there is no train of logic to their responses to each other.
[10:40:56 AM] Daniel Jay: And then there's that reference. Don't think I didn't catch that reference. That was fucking terrible.
[10:41:54 AM] Daniel Jay: And wow, THERE'S a punctuation error that not even a child would make.
[10:42:30 AM] Daniel Jay: There's a word here where I'm not sure what you were even TRYING to spell.
[10:42:50 AM] Daniel Jay: THAT is not a proper semicolon use.
[10:43:10 AM] Daniel Jay: Actually, this whole segment here is riddled with errors. Were you high when you did this particular bit?
[10:44:02 AM] Daniel Jay: Overall, this is incredibly sloppy, and I rate it 0/10. I am resigning as your editor.
[10:44:20 AM] Daniel Jay: You didn't even add the incest I asked you to.
[10:44:47 AM] Poshy Woshy: ...have you been fucking with me this entire time, or is the chapter really as awful as you're saying...?
[10:44:54 AM] Daniel Jay: I haven't even looked at it.
[10:44:58 AM] Poshy Woshy: YOU CUNT.

Report Posh · 219 views · Story: Pony Gear Solid · #dannyj #skype #editing fun
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Comments ( 7 )

I regret nothing.

Danthomolew "Pervcocks" Jessup is a menace. Take up arms and join the resistance movement. Together we can stop his spree of bullying.

also holy shit why hasn't he fixed his avatar there's like half a "D" and I can't even see most of the "y" seriously all he has to do is zoom out a little

Okay, but have you added the incest yet?

4165465 It takes a surprising form.

Don't worry bro, Danny is a cunt to everyone he edits for.

Elapsed time: 10 minutes, 38 seconds of terror.

4163201 I award you 3 evil points. :trixieshiftright:


Adding them to the collection.

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