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Wait, am I now just the one who wrote Mortem? 'Cause I think I'm okay with that.

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Three isn't that magic a number (Followup) · 1:23pm Aug 21st, 2016

Hello, me again, you know, that one guy who really just writes whatever. You see I do a lot to make sure the urge to please you guys doesn't impend on what I want to write, but if there is one thing I like to do, is keep you on your toes. If I have one advantage over anyone, and it's certainly not ability, it's that the thoughts that go through my head aren't constrained to useless things like reason or logic. It's becasue of this, I believe, that my three one-shots did so differently.

Okay, first thing first, But Pinkie Isn't like that, the failure of the family. Now, when I say failure, if you remember that one of the reasons I did these things was to get my feet back on the ground after Mortem, and it certainly did that. I also said that one of them was potentially controversial, and--while I was thinking Small stick diplomacy was, in fact, the controversial one--I guess I was wrong because you all had some very varied opinions on that one. A lot of you had problems with the way I characterised Twilight, while others enjoyed it. And let us stay way away from the discussions about the other debate in the comments section, you know the one. So overall it didn't do too well, but this is still a learning process for me, so it's to be expected, and as long as I learn from my mistakes it's all good.

Now, Small Stick Diplomacy, I was not expecting that to do so well. I was very pleasantly surprised that you all enjoyed a story with such controversial topics being used in a comedy. My experiences told me that brony's hate controversy. But it was a pleasant surprise that it managed to surpass Fancy seeing you here to become my fourth highest rated fic. It didn't get on the featured box though, not sure why because it got on the front page of the Heat section, but I think it has something to do with an Overly hesitant Pinkie still being there. Either that or like many other things in this website I have no idea how the feature box works.

Speaking of An overly hesitant Pinkie, oh my god guys. I was amazed that it even got onto the featured box, let alone stayed on it for so long. It even beat off (bad chose of words) From Caramel to Toffee for my second highest rated fic. And while it wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I'm really happy so many of you enjoyed it. The story I think also highlights my urge to, even when the idea is quite simple or silly to give my stories some kind of substance behind the joke, even if it doesn't always work out. So I'm happy it did this time.

Anyway, as for more things coming up, I've already uploaded the first chapter to The Secret Agent, so hopefully you like that. The next two chapters already have their first draft written, and don't worry, the ending is in sight and I will finish the story. I'm confident you guys won't see a 'Hiatus' or 'canceled' plug. Unless it's universally disliked but let's think positive guys. I've also got another one-shot in the work, and it is also completely different to what else I've done.

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