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SoarinDash "Meet The Family" update in a few hours · 10:42am Aug 20th, 2016

Working on the final touches now. Changed the original subject of it from being about Tank due to A) Tank being boring to write for at least to me, which has helped feed into how long this update took and B) because of one of the MLP comics giving me an idea concerning two of my three favorite ponies that can also lead in to the third one. You'll get it when you see it I think.

Anyways, sorry for such a long delay. The constant PMs pestering me about it haven't helped matters and have actually made me feel less willing to work on it, so if a couple of you wouldn't mind not spamming me in the future it would be appreciated. While comments can be inspiring, being asked the same thing that I've already answered previously can just be grating. For those who have been more patient, thank you for that and know that it is appreciated.

See you soon,

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