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My latest Human Spike Harem idea · 1:41am Aug 20th, 2016

I've once again come up with a new idea for a Human Spike Harem fic. And this time the inspiration has come from another harem anime called 'Happy Lesson'.

For those who don't know of the anime. I'll elucidate. Five teachers who end up living with a troubled and indifferent orphan and their unusual plan to become mother figures in an effort to make him a productive student. To achieve their plan, they employ various methods, such as science experiments, spiritual cleansing, physical training, and hijinks.

My plan is Spike is orphaned and troubled, while living by himself. And he ends up getting Five ladies who happen to be teachers at his school live with him and attempt to fill in the role as mothers in his life, while also harboring feelings for him. Most of my roles for the ladies would be Celestia, Luna, and Cadence, but this could also mean other older characters like Fleur and Sapphire Shores. While also at the same time the Mane Six or other girls who're his fellow classmates pine for his attention despite his obliviousness. Once again gives me any thoughts you have on the matter and what I could do to make it better.

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Comments ( 31 )

You are getting me hyped up.

heheheh that is funny

I say go for it.

Already excited

This sounds very interesting.

For another teacher, how about Chrysalis?

I like the sound of it already!

4159580 yea Chrysalis would work well

Sweet :)
Man, where do you find these shows?

4159627 I find these things out of the blue and my mind processes them into ideas.

I kinda like that idea. Perhaps he has trust issues that they have to work through?

i wanna c this

Include Cheerilee and I'm sold.
I think you should also include Twilight as an 18 year old teacher, a prodigy who takes her job seriously, which puts her at odds with her friends who just happen to be her students.
Seriously, I like the ideas you get from these anime shows.

Once again gives me any thoughts you have on the matter and what I could do to make it better.

Have some Sparity, dangit.

Sound's like a good idea could you maby put in som applespike pleas :heart::raritywink:

Another character that could live with Spike would be Spitfire.

Another Spike Harem this is gonna be interesting and its Happy Lesson love that anime show

Hmm, is this story still WIP? Or is it scrapped? And do you need some help on it?

4443842 Mostly I'm piling ideas like this one, didn't exactly say when or if I would

4443843 Need some help with any of those ideas?

4443849 But just so you know I am working on the next chapter of A Boy and his Dazzling Girls

4443851 Let the musical begin.

Question: How will the girls (the Main Six and others) take it when they learned Spike's been living under the same roof with his "mother/teacher" figures? Also, will anyone be having a heart attack when he's going to marry one or all of them?

Plus, won't that be kinda awkward? Especially with Discord?

4825651 Needless to say all the girls would be shocked.

Of course.

Once again gives me any thoughts you have on the matter and what I could do to make it better.

If you're still into writing this story, then here are some thoughts of mine.

First off, I kinda got this idea from Anthony Wu(Newyorkx3) after watching this video of his. Maybe make Luna and Cheerilee cheerleader coaches. I don't know, though I can imagine Spike's reaction to that chant of theirs.

Also, maybe for that "Perfect mom contest" hi-jinks they pulled off in the show, maybe during one of the "mother's" shenanigans to gain Spike's love, maybe have it where Spike fell in a huge cake, and Celestia just teasingly eats him up.

Furthermore, I don't know where Shining Armor would be in this whole shenanigan, but maybe make it a running gag that he would often threaten Spike whenever he sees Cadence getting close to him. That's the best thing I can come up for a joke.

That's all I've got so far.

One more thing. Maybe when they're having dinner, maybe have Celestia or one of the moms tease Spike like this.


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