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Young(ish), free and most definitely single. (Thank you for your time and effort, but no thank you.) Live south UK and work evening shifts, something which plays havoc with my writing.

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  • 175 weeks

    Hi there.

    First off, apologies for the long wait for an update. Ever since I got promoted I have had to do a lot more 'adulting'. Just about got a handle on it and the 'imposter syndrome' was starting to fade when they go a promote me again! (Seriously? What the heck are 'upstairs' smoking... and can I have some?)

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  • 205 weeks
    Next chapter now at editor's

    Next chapter, Deterrent (part 2), has now been passed to my editor. Or perhaps 'unleashed upon' would be a better terminology.

    Yes, I agree it has been a (too) long time.

    I claim NO major crisis or drama in my life to account for it. Just life itself ticking-over, inexorably dragging me, kicking-and-screaming, towards being a responsible, mature, grown-up adult.

    ...whimpering sounds...

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  • 227 weeks
    Next Chapter soon.

    The next chapter, Deterrent - Part 1, has now been submitted to my editor... for the second time. He (quite rightly) pointed out something the first time, something that was basically 'well that's all a little too convenient', so off I went to sort that out.

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  • 247 weeks
    Still Alive

    Just thought I’d drop a quick blog to state that: No I’m not dead... and neither is this story.

    The next chapter is coming along, just more slowly than I hoped, but it is coming together.

    No major drama going on here, it’s just xmas, mum is down with us right now and the longer working hours mean less free time during the working week.

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  • 257 weeks
    Chapter will be published Monday

    I haven't heard back from my editor yet, which is highly unusual. Normally a day or two, three at most.

    While I am hesitant to release the chapter with proper editing, I will publish it Monday. Keeping everyone waiting any longer than that is just getting/has already got silly.

    So, I will go through it one more time myself looking for errors.

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Next Chapter - Change of work pattern delay. · 9:49am Aug 18th, 2016

The next chapters is on its way, unfortunately, there have been a couple of lifestyle changes which I am currently working through.

First off, I've gone onto night shift - longer hours per night, but three day weekends. (My body clock is still adjusting)

Second, and at no fault of my own, they went and promoted me! :pinkiegasp: Let me assure you, this was a big shock to me as anybody else. First I heard of it was when I opened my new contract to sign for my new hours... and found a bit of paper inside congratulating me. Just as well I was sat down.

(Okay, I've been doing the job, unofficially, for ages now, but I can no longer go: 'hey, this isn't really my job you know'.)

I am working on the chapter, pinkie promise, just things are all a little over the place right now while I try and adjust. :pinkiecrazy:

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Congrats on the promotion!

I was beat on the congratulation! Dang it! :rainbowlaugh:

Take your time man, and congrats!

Grats! Now get to work! :scootangel:

Congratulations on getting the promotion! :twilightsmile:

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