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I'm alive. · 2:50pm Aug 17th, 2016

Hey my fellow followers, it's me Spartan889. I know it's been almost a year since I last post a chapter this year.

Reason being is that this year has been quite busy for me due to studies and real life. Writer's block was also involve too. Damn writer's block.....anyway I would like to apologize for the wait for a chapter as I try to find time in making one. And to those who I am doing crossover with, sorry about the long wait.

Another thing is that the drive to make MLP fics is dying already.....which is a bit sad but hey, can't be always MLP right.

And lastly, I'll be discontinuing some fics since I don't have the drive to do so sadly but worry not as my first fic will still be kicking as well for Crystal Hierarch, Operation Libertatem (Maybe), Life as a Tyranid Swarmlord and possibly Dynasty Warriors.

To those who still want to read non MLP fics of mine, plus go to my Fanfiction.Net page here

I will see you all again soon after my N-level exams. STAY AWESOME PEOPLE!!!!

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Comments ( 1 )

Nice to hear from you.

I'm still working on my fanfics by the way including the sequel to Megas WBM called Megas WBM Seed though I might put it on Fanfiction.net since this site is a bit too harsh on anything I try to post on here.

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