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I am the culmination of self-inserts.

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    My Two Cents

    Suppose I'll drop a blogpost on the current situation.

    Honestly? I'm trying to stay out of it and mostly watching from the sidelines. If Fimfic imposes rules to ban/rid some content, oh well, it won't really affect my sparse writing much. Besides, I have other places to write for if it came down to it.

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    it's hard to focus, like, really hard.


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Military Help · 7:11pm Aug 15th, 2016

Soooooo... me being the idiot I am, I am writing a story that is military based, (Trust me, I start new stories almost every day) and I doubt I'll ever finish it. But I'm curious about something...

Are any of the near 200 followers of mine military? (5 away from 200! :yay: ) I am in need of help, specifically the fly boys of the Navy.



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Comments ( 13 )

on starting stories have you ever considered a group author story whenever your stuck have the second right u know chapter trade off.

Isn't that basically a big collab? :rainbowhuh: But I have written with other people before, but those were for groups on DeviantArt. I've only collab'd with one person on here, a good friend of mine.
Sadly people didn't like our story :fluttercry: but I'd be willing to try writing one again maybe, at some point in time.

So have I, but I've lost contact with some of them, shame... good friends they were. :/
But really? Nice man, I'll go check him out later on, thanks for the help~ :heart:

I've had people do that before... but they wrote their comments in a way that felt... suspicious, ya know?

That is true, haha... like for example, I can say I am a pony...
Who's to say I'm lying :trollestia:

:rainbowlaugh: hahaha, you can meet some funny ass people playing things like Battlefield or CoD.
Record videos? You a Youtuber? :pinkiegasp:
*Interestedness intensifies*

I'm on there too, but I hardly upload at all, hehehe :rainbowkiss: I had a couple of videos I wanted to upload, but no point now seeing how their information is now irrelevent.
Regardless, I could check out your videos! :yay:

4151600 Same, I've had mine since like... 2011 I think, maybe 2012? I honestly have no idea.

And yeah, being a Youtuber is expensive, but its a really fun thing I want to do with my life. I plan on being a Let's Player once I get the equipment, hehee. I could do it now, but my phone sucks at picking up TV sounds and video, and I don't have very many interesting games.
83 subs? Wow dude, that's awesome, have another sub :yay: haha

And same here dude, if you love doing it, don't stop till you become one of the greats! :rainbowdetermined2: You just gotta keep on pushing yourself, striving to achive your goals, that's what I'm doing~

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