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Some people are morning birds, other people are night owls. Me? I'm some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon.

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And this is why rules exist · 5:31pm Aug 15th, 2016

I have a younger brother who's nine years old and therefore very full of himself. He doesn't like following rules because he believes he knows better than the people who make them.

In our house, we have a rule that when he makes his macaroni and cheese, he has to have an adult (or me) carry the pot to the sink to drain the noodles. He hates this rule.

Just now, he decided that I wouldn't know if he broke the rule, so he decided to go ahead and carry the pot of boiling water himself. A second later, he's screaming in pain and writhing around on the ground. He's dropped the pot on his foot and scalded his body.

While my other brother laughs his head off at him, I quickly soak a towel in slightly cool water, carry him to the couch, and wrap up the burned parts of his body.

He'll probably remember this lesson for a few days, then forget and go back to trying to carry the pot himself.

I swear this is like the time we got in a car crash. He still refuses to buckle his seatbelt.

Anyway, that was really scary. He's now making macaroni again and hopping around on one foot. He's agreed to let me carry the pot to the sink this time.

My other brother is refusing to put a shirt on, putting chicken nuggets on his crotch and crying because it hurts, and calling the house phone from his cell phone. I don't see how I'm ever going to be able to focus on writing. :facehoof:

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Comments ( 21 )

Sounds like life is just being strange now....isn't it?

Do you need an internet hug? :pinkiesmile:

4151256 Isn't it always?

4151257 I need an internet asylum. For my brothers.

:facehoof: Siblings sometimes.

Im not sure whether to laugh or cry. Because I'm a chef so I know what it's like to burn myself really bad like that but at the same time, your little brother sounds like me when I was that age. But I think that's how all guys are at that age to be honest, but even so, you really do have your hands full there I can tell.

Sounds like you might need to record that happening to him and have him watch it over and over on what NOT TO DO when making Mac and cheese. I mean seriously. Especially if he ends up forgetting what happened and does it again later on.

And that's why I'm an only child. My mom was smart enough to stop with one lunatic.

It is good that you have started to appreciate the reason rules exist.


Oh, how young are your siblings?

4156531 Nine years old and (nearly) 13 years old. I also have two stepbrothers aged 12 and 6 (I think? Maybe 7) and if we're counting those then I guess you could say I have a 20 year old step sister.


Damn, you have a big family. I'm pretty much an only child except for a much older step brother

My other brother is refusing to put a shirt on, putting chicken nuggets on his crotch and crying because it hurts, and calling the house phone from his cell phone.

What the dizzity fuck!? And he's 13?

4172674 Yes, he's a very strange creature. :facehoof:

You still up for editing? It's been a while. :twilightsheepish:

4172759 I might do. Been out of the loop as a lot has been going on. Definitely going to be more relaxed about it.

4172790 Yeah, don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you. Ended up being banned for a year, after all. Still trying to get my writing drive back.

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