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    action is coming

    new story soon

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    people are wierd

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    i will write! ...tomorrow

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    im being oppressed


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    hide me pls

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thank god · 5:32am Aug 15th, 2016

>male anime characters that look like women



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Comments ( 14 )

:pinkiehappy: Which anime?!

Let me guess, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?


...Yes, because we all know how rare it is to see homosexual ships on the internet. I mean really, can you imagine seeing that kind of thing on a site like this?

4150805 What makes you think it's any one anime in particular?

4150957 I just wanted to know...For research's sake. Yeah, that...

... Why is this news?

4150805 So far, Hunter X Hunter and Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans.

4150891 Nope.

4151389 My blog is news?

... How does male anime characters looking like woman change anything? There would be gay shipping irregardless.

4151478 Damnit, foiled again by KurapicaXLeorio

4152055 I just really like femboys in gay relationships. They're adorable.

4152904 You know the ship?!

4153206 Shocks. I was a fan of the original Hunter X Hunter production. That ship is OLD.

4154043 The lack of fan art on it disturbs me.

4154058 You're looking in the wrong place. Besides, most of the pairs are GonXPitou, GonXKillua, or GonXHisolka. You know, all of the 'killers' that Gon has met over the series.




4154265 That's my reaction.

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