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Music SIG Likes #23 :: The Heavy · 2:38am Aug 15th, 2016

A bit more laid back this time. Some indie rock with a healthy measure of neo-soul and funk rock. (No, I do not know exactly what those labels mean; that is what the great and knowledgeable Wikipedia says—perhaps someone more knowledgeable that I could elaborate?)

Regardless, I just love lead singer Kevin Swaby's voice. Really goes well with The Heavy's big-band funk sound.

(Imalou - What I need to do to be the rocker I want to be !)

Can't Play Dead
(I dare you to listen to this without tapping your feet or bobbing your head during the chorus. This is one of those songe Significant Other and I love to sing in the shower. Such delicious soul-funk...)

Blood Dirt Love Stop

What Makes A Good Man?

Big Bad Wolf

Oh No! Not You Again!
(If Chrysalis ever makes a comeback, this needs to be Shining's song... :derpytongue2:)

How You Like Me Now
(This is probably their most famous track.)

(Shades of Screamin Jay Hawkins' I Out A Spell On You...)

Short Change Hero
(Another, distinctive track that most people probably have heard.)

Cause For Alarm
(A delicious, surprise dollop of reggae here...)

Miss California

A Ghost You Can't Forget

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