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Saw the new episode · 3:40am Aug 14th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

And now, a dramatic reenactment of me when Dash made Fluttershy cry:

(Skip ahead to 0:39)


I would be angrier, but this episode basically proves me right. Dash is an insufferable c*** (I know, I know, I don't like the word either, but for some people, the word is just appropriate) who treats her friends like shit. She still acts like she's in Season One, and it's Season SIX.

So yes, that moment of seeing her piss herself in fear was entirely too satisfying. The only thing missing was that she wasn't crying. That would have made it all the sweeter.

As a Dash hater, I loved and hated this episode equally, and was so glad to see her get her comeuppance (unlike how it happened in "Mare Do Well"). But as an objective reviewer, it was okay. Kind of a missed opportunity to jump on the "Walking Dead" pandering wagon, and no "Thriller" dance. Damn. :ajbemused:

Yes, it was basically a Season 1 episode set in Season 6, but at least they fixed what "Mare Do Well" failed at. So, there's that. But now I'm starting to worry that the quality of the show is slipping. Two sub-par episodes in a row? Not good. Might be good to stop the show after S6 ends.

Anyway, review may be late. I have a long work week this week. :ajsleepy:

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading.

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Comments ( 49 )

I should have warned you. At least Rainbow got her comeuppance though.

In all honesty... you know that won't happen...

As I Dash fan, I do admit I was out of character for RD to scare Fluttershy in the beginning because of what pinkie said in the season 1. I though RD went too far in pranking, but I understand that wanted a Mare Well Done well and this Rainbow had what coming to her in a much better way.

I don't about the rest of the RD fans, but I reasons I like RD is because I wish I be like in being good at sports and being more confident in myself. I also feel like I am the element of loyalty because I stick my family and friends through thick and thin.

I understand people dislike her she can rub people the wrong way. Everyone has their favorite of the mansix yours sh FS and mine is RD.

Oh yeah, I forgot that you have an unreasonable hatred for Rainbow Dash.


Anywho... I just got caught up with Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix. Dude is in my top ten favorite heroes.

Meh... I was looking for a reason to dislike Dash anyway...

When you make Fluttershy cry from a joke... Ugh... Dash's really dense.

4148766 Watch the episode again and tell me my hate is unreasonable. Watch "Dragonshy" or "The Crystal Empire" or "Tanks for the Memories" or "Newbie Dash" and tell me it's unreasonable to hate her.

Well, I do agree with you on Daredevil, though. The show kicks ass.

4148748 Probably not. Which saddens me. It just means more low-grade episodes. This show may just go the way of SpongeBob . . .

4148753 Out of character? I think not. Dash has been selfish and inconsiderate from the very beginning. And no matter how many times she's told not to be a jerk, she still is. And people say Fluttershy learns the same lesson over and over again; those same people clearly don't care that Dash is the worst friend ever.

I'm sorry, I know you love Dash, but this is the way I see it. I've despised her since the first episode, and she hasn't gotten any better in my eyes. At all.

4148792 Well at least the next episode seems promising. Don't forget Blueblood... he's even worse and you are entitled to your opinion.

Dash has been maturing. She just slips up every once in a while!:twilightangry2:

If this is the way new episodes are going, the changeling fans are gonna dwindle pretty soon.:facehoof:

4148785 "Dense" isn't really the right word for me. Hang on . . . . . knows right from wrong . . . does what she wants anyway . . . . no empathy . . . narcissist . . . . .

"Sociopath"! That's the word! :pinkiehappy:

4148800 Dash hasn't matured at all. The "slip-ups" are just her acting right every now and then. :facehoof:


Your hate of a fictional character is unreasonable.

4148818 That is so not true dude. I mean, we're still friends and all, but Rainbow Dash is awesome! Why do you hate her so much? K, Nevermind I'm P.Ming u.

And... I know you hate RD but... do you really want to know whose fault it is? Why the writers are making a few sub-par episodes? Well let me give you a hint... it all starts with all of us. What I am saying is that we demand too much of the writers and the staff on MLP: FiM. What I would do is... LAY OFF THE DEMANDS AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO WRITE GOOD EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4148819 So? It's not like I'm hating an actual person. I have no animosity toward the writers, the animators, or Ashleigh Ball (even though I find Dash's voice annoying). I'm well within my rights to hate any character I want. I don't go saying that Fluttershy haters are "unreasonable". I could, because I believe that, but I don't come out and say it directly to them. Is it too much to ask for the same in return?

4148829 They got three chances since the hiatus ended. One decent episode out of three is a bit disconcerting, wouldn't you say?

Comment posted by SuperGodzilla2030 deleted Aug 14th, 2016

4148836 And let me answer that question with another question, do you know how many fans sends emails to the staff about what they (the fans) think?

4148846 So I'll answer with another question:

Do big corporations designed and engineered only to make money really give a damn what fans think? I wrote an open letter to Hasbro and DHX complaining about the Spike/Rarity dynamic under the full assurance that they would neither see it, nor act on it if they did. I mean that much to them.

4148857 Well here is something... what about the writing staff? Do you think they get paid enough? If it were up to me, I'd give what you all want. But as you said, big corporations like Hasbro don't care and here is something interesting enough they are also making Transformers at the same time...

One of the things that has separated MLP from most kids shows is the characters each have realistic character flaws that aren't out of plot convenience nor for cheap laughs (though with Celestia and Cadance, both are subdued in the show). Let's go down the list:

T. Sparkle - neurotic, socially awkward
Pinkie Pie - hyperactive, inability to handle negative emotions (either from herself or others)
Rarity - high maintenance, perfectionist, frivolous
AJ - stubborn, workaholic
Flutters - very insecure
Dashie - lack of empathy, arrogant
Spike - naive
Celestia - has to be right, air of self-importance
Luna - self-doubt, unforgiving
Cadance - idealist
AB - cannot function solo
Sweetie Belle - blockhead
Scootaloo - short fuse

Of these, RD's are what get to you quickest, and from what you and I have discussed at earlier points, I understand why.

Odds are, RD's had pranks when there aren't episodes going on, and what she did to Flutters this time was the proverbial last straw.

Aside from Applejacks Day Off and that holiday episode i love every episode of this season, i don't think any are a 10/10 but to say the quality of the show is slipping baffles me.

My old man says "Different strokes for different folks" you may not have enjoyed the last few episodes but please don't forget that some folks really had a great time watching them.


Fluttershy Haters



/Brain.exe not found/

In all seriousness, I am the type of person who will tell Fluttershy haters that their hate is unreasonable. Life is too short, and devoting all that negativity to a fictional character is unhealthy.

4148800 No don't! Trust me I'm a seasoned veteran. His hatred is too much.

4148921 Don't start with me. Just don't.

4148921 thx for the reassurance, but don't start anything with Lightning.
4148948 can u guys just calm down?

I accidentally ended up skipping this episode the day it was released, and I think I'm not going to end up watching it at all. These kinds of episodes really aren't part of my preference.

Though neither a lover nor hater of Dash, I find her character sometimes confusing and sometimes contradictory. Her best moments are when she's on the front line of a conflict, fighting for her friends; but after that, it's either those funny moments (such as in Stranger Than Fanfiction) or when she's a supporting character to one of the Mane Six. When she's mean-spirited... well, you already explained it quite nicely, so I won't get to into that.

Other than that, I actually very much agree with what you've said here. The only thing I'm looking forward to (or somewhat looking forward to) at this point in the season is the finale. And I guess EQG 4?

4148818 There we go! that Sounds so much better!

This wasn't Dash. Dash was replaced by a Changeling. Twilight has been replaced by a Changeling too, explaining her inexcusable behavior towards Trixie earlier this season. There's a Changeling episode coming up, that's not a coincidence. I'm going to write a blog post explaing why RD WOULD NOT make Fluttershy cry and if she did she'd spend the rest of the episode begging forgiveness. (THAT would make a good episode).

4148792 Re-watch Dragonshy and keep in mind Fluttershy did NOT want to go on that adventure. Twilight was the mean one in that episode. Dash knew Fluttershy was uncomfortable ("she's scared of her own shadow") and was trying to keep her off the mission because she knew Fluttershy didn't even want to be there. The thing is Dash DOES care about Fluttershy and would never go out of her way to hurt her. She might hurt her unintentionally or hurt her in order to push her (Hurricane Fluttershy) or hurt her while trying to accomplish a mission (Crystal Empire), but never for shits and giggles. That's not who Dash is.

Later episodes can still get better, don't lose hope

4149315 She still doesn't care about her feelings. Or anyone else's. 90% of everything she does is done for herself. Remember, Pinkie kept her from pranking Fluttershy once; had she not, Dash would have done it without a second thought. She is inconsiderate and just downright mean to Fluttershy more often than not.

I think the fact that she was willing to risk her life to prevent her friends from devouring more of those cookies is pretty strong proof that she does care for them more than herself. She could've easily just fled like a coward, but she knew this was her fault and was willing to risk possibly being mauled to death in order to atone for what she did.

Also, making Fluttershy cry is not a crime. Because she's no more important or special than any other pony.

I don't want to step on any toes, man, and I DO like you, but you seem to be putting way too much energy into your hatred for a fictional character. I used to be the same way until I realized it just isn't worth getting hot and bothered over. When it comes down to the wire, none of these characters are real, and they never will be.
As 4148881 said:

devoting all that negativity to a fictional character is unhealthy.

4149881 They'd already eaten them. They were already sick. Moot point. She only stuck around to shift blame and apologized when she knew she was screwed.

Also. . .


That's why Dash making Fluttershy cry is wrong. You don't treat your friends like that. Period.

4149890 It's not even the character that bothers me. It's the fact that so many people like her despite her horrible personality. And I'll tell you what I told her. I have the right, and I'm not hurting anyone. And I'm not bothering anyone. Can I not ask for the same?

4150028 Much like how people have the right to like Rainbow Dash and praise her character (I'm not a huge fan either, just so you know). You can't come off like they're strange for doing so when everything falls down to a matter of opinion. You don't see value in her, but others do, much like how others fail to see the value in Fluttershy while you do. It's a two-way street. You can express your opinion in whichever way you please, but spouting ceaseless anger is just going to lose you respect and credibility when your 'points' are backed up by nothing but hostility.

Best of luck to you, I suppose. I don't feel like arguing.

4149645 What about Dash giving her pep talk to Scootaloo? Or helping Applebloom try to find her cutie mark?

4150078 Frankly neither do I. I'm just tired of being the odd man out in this argument every time.

4150126 Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. :ajbemused:

Out of all the Mane 6, Dash is the most like your average modern human male, at least as many would like to picture themselves. So of course she's the favorite of many fans (and also the waifu of many fans).

It doesn't matter if it was too late. The act itself is still admirable. Acts of selflessness in hopeless situations are about as heroic as it gets.

4152640 I'm reminded of the saying "there are no atheists in foxholes". There aren't Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Shintos, Hindus, Jews or Pastafarians in them either. Just a group of people scared shitless, willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Same basic principle. You're not a hero if you're only acting out of fear for your own life.

C*** is a bit much LightningSword. Yes I understand you don't like Dash's behavior in this episode but it's not like she hurt anyone (remembers Mr. Cake and maybe Spike) that much. As for Fluttershy I don't think Dash thought her prank would make her cry. Maybe her biggest problem is sometimes she acts immature.


I don't think Dash thought her prank would make her cry.

Which means she doesn't know Fluttershy. Which means either that they never met, or that Dash is completely f***ing braindead.

Maybe her biggest problem is sometimes she acts immature.

You're thinking of Pinkie Pie. Dash's problem is that she's an inconsiderate narcissist with zero empathy. It's always herself first, and when she learns not to be that way anymore, the very next episode proves nothing stuck. At least Fluttershy has had development for all the times she's had to learn to stand up for herself. Dash hasn't developed at all.

And the next person to bring up Scootaloo is getting slapped. I'm not kidding. :ajbemused:

4158036 Not really. I just have a hard time understanding people who constantly apologize for Rainbow Dash and her bad behavior.

4158211 I think I figured it out (probably) do you watch American Dad? I find Roger very annoying but a lot of people like him. Because they find him funny and likable and even I agree that he has some good moments. Perhaps it's the same with Rainbow Dash or something like that and as much as she annoys you even you admitted she has her good moments. Plus you have to admit she never does anything really wrong.

4158557 I've seen enough of the show to know that Roger is an asshole. Another one I don't understand why people like him.

Oh, and . . .

Plus you have to admit she never does anything really wrong.

Stole a book from a hospital. Destroyed a weather factory. Coerced her athletically-challenged friend into a dangerous event, then assaulted her in said event. Called Twilight names. Ruined a WonderBolts performance. Held an animal race in a notoriously dangerous canyon. Scared her friends in the Everfree Forest before tumbling off a cliff. Traded her friends for a book (and don't tell me she traded back, she shouldn't have had to because she shouldn't have done it to begin with). Forced her friend out of her own house to watch dragons (which she knows PERFECTLY WELL she's afraid of). Cheated during the Running of the Leaves (before AJ did). Kicked a dragon in the face and nearly got all her friends killed. Relentlessly pranked an entire town without regard for their feelings (especially Fluttershy, whom she knows PERFECTLY WELL hates being scared).

Need I go on?

4158685 You got a few good points there what do you think the show should do with Rainbow Dash?

4159185 Simple enough. Delve into her backstory and give us a reason why Dash acts the way she acts. I've seen people say her behavior is a front for something deeper. If we SAW that depth, I'd at least understand her more. Hell, I might even tolerate her more.

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