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Art de Triomphe

The arguments I have within my own head are legendary.

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Name Change · 3:08pm Aug 13th, 2016

After much internal debate, I have decided to move ahead with my name change. Any of you who have known me long enough know that I really never liked the name "Art Colter", a name I came up with when I first started in the fandom and the fanfiction community. For a time, I thought I was stuck with that terrible moniker forever, as I could not figure a way to change it without fundamentally changing how I am known within the community (the parts that I am known in, at any rate). However, I finally came up with a new name that I think fits well with not only traditional naming practices, but with my OC's personal backstory.

Now for some explanation. Art de Triomphe is a play on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, possibly the most famous monument in Paris, if not all of France. It translates to "Triumphal Arc" and is a monument to French soldiers who fought and died in the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars, as well as being the marker for France's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

As it pertains to my OC, Art is part of a very artistic family. His mother is a concert flutist, and his father a sculptor. More specifically, his mother is from Prance, thus the Prench-influenced name.

Hope this doesn't cause any confusion. Will be working on getting everything in line with this change.


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