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I take back the indention things. I don't care if you indent your paragraphs.

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    I merged my chapter together. That's it.

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    Just published chapter three on Skittles. I am already planning a chapter four. Expect moar

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    RE: Satire

    Here is the state my stories are in. Two published, and four abandoned. I am now working on finishing my two published stories and will start making a new one shortly after I am done.

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    Grotti - Published

    Twilight is the BEST - Abandoned due to breaking FIMFiction rules (To meta)

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    Skittles and Ecstasy will now be an adult story

    Okay, so my story Skittles and Ecstasy is going pretty decent, but one thing I have seen if that people complain that it ends right before they have sex. I have done this because I didn't want this to be my first clopfic and I wanted people to create their own endings in their head, but I feel like now I am willing to make this teen book an adult one.

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    Turismo R

    No one reads these, but whatever.

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No willpower · 11:16am Aug 13th, 2016

I planed to finish chapter two for my story One in a Thousand YESTERDAY, but all I did was add a few paragraphs and then give up. I am realizing how difficult it is to write a story. I have never written anything more than an essay for school. This is proving more difficult then I expected. Need to stop summarizing things. Also, I don't even know why I am making blogs about this. My last on has zero views. I guess I just want the world to see what I'm going through. Idk, maybe i'm wasting my time, being a nobody pretending he can write a book. Leave it up to the professionals, right? Anyway, I am going to continue it, slowly. Noone starts a professional, so I should expect myself to not get very far on my first story and first few blogs.

Protip: Don't put a date for a release on your stories. A ballpark is good, but don't say something like "Next week" or something. They wont like you breaking a promise.

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