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That one post where he complains about a thing · 9:25am Aug 13th, 2016

I impulse buy things more than i need to. Food mostly, but I've been known to splurge on video games and books as well. I have to keep myself entertained.

I impulse bought Fallout 4. I liked Fallout 3 and Skyrim, so another Bethesda game seemed like an acceptable risk despite it being too shooter-focused for my liking. I like it enough to have sunk almost 200 hours into it despite my qualms.

I impulse bought Brandon Sanderson's Bands of Mourning book. I didn't have any idea what it was about and was missing the prequel book Shadows of Self to even understand the chronological flow of events, but I like Sanderson's work enough to put faith in him.

I impulse bought No Man's Sky. This one was a mistake.

I'd show you images of my frustration, but apparently Photobucket is being a butt and not letting me on their servers. After downloading a 2.5 file on my terrible 1.5Mbs internet, I opened it up to play... only for the game to crash upon startup. And for the next seven or eight times.

Even if I did get the damn thing working, I'd probably suffer massive frame rate drops, a dev outright lying and evading questions about what's in the game, and not even making sure that the PC port works on launch. I have a beast of a rig. I have a major in computer science. I've tried everything I could to get this bastard running and that includes slogging through reddit fixes. PC specs and software vary so widely that while it does work for some, that's no guarantee it doesn't work for others. Yeah, I get that it works for some, but that doesn't change the fact that the game's broken. I like TotalBuscuit's tongue and cheek comment on the matter.

"Hey guys, some people are starving in the world"
"That's not true, I am eating a sandwich"

In short, consider this a post warning people against buying the game. At least wait until it gets patched so much it turns into a different game. I dunno. Maybe that other game will be playable. I hope it's narrated by Mr. Plinkett. And mutants. I'm uninstalling in the morning due to dev's evasive and shady bullshit.

Call this a rage post or whatever. It's five in the morning for me. I'm tired.

Wow, I do sound like a petulant ass sometimes.

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The only time I have ever done so. I should have listened to my gut. At least I still have time to get a Steam refund.

One thing I am noticing is not much variety in terms of textures and colors. The algorithm generates plenty of planets, but even a couple of Let's Plays show a lack of variety. Mile high, an inch deep.

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