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Watercolor the Pegasus

Art is my passion. Art is what brings me joy. I hope to use it in ways that can bring joy to others as well. Avatar made by me. Currently on hiatus.

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    A poem.

    If the world was a piece of paper,
    God would be the pen.
    Some people are highlighters,
    To make the world brighter.
    Some people are blenders,
    To help us harmonize.
    Some people are pencils,
    To help build up new things.
    Some people are pencil sharpeners,
    To help others improves.
    And whatever you choose to be,
    In this great drawing of life,
    Whatever you become,

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    Art: Watercolor.

    Oh hey! Another art even though I'm still on hiatus! Yep. I did up a new icon, and tried to experiment with perspective...which didn't really work out...also she apparently has no front hooves...I like how the shading came out though.

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    Gift art for The Wandering Bard: Halo.

    No, I'm not back from hiatus yet. Just popping in long enough to post this picture and respond to some comments/PMs.

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    Update: Hey guys. Stil alive, just so you know.

    No, I'm not back from hiatus. Just popping my head in to let you know how things are going.

    I've remembered how to draw ponies enough that I can start working on some requests. (Finally) I can't wait to show you guys the other stuff I've been working on too:heart:

    As for connecting with my friends, one down, one in the works, I have no idea how many more to go:twilightblush:

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A cute drawing. · 10:32pm Aug 10th, 2016

So, I have a few friends who really like Pokemon, and one of them who also likes MLP asked if I would draw a ponified Pikachu. This is the result.

I was just really proud of this cutie. I hope you guys like it. I may even do more ponified Pokemons if you guys want.

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Comments ( 15 )

Holy crap that's cute

I'm really glad you guys like it:pinkiehappy: If you guys want to see more, I'd be happy to make them.

Well of course! Cute art is the best kind:heart:

Oh mah gosh, it's freakin' adorable!!!

I'm glad you like it:pinkiehappy: Are you a fan of Pokemon?

I am, though I haven't played in forever. :rainbowlaugh: Never played past Crystal.

I don't know what Crystal is because I don't know that much about Pokemon (I know I'm a sad being) but I'm gonna asume It's funny cause you put a laugh emoji.

Well, it's funny because Crystal was only the second generation of games. So it's been a while.

Huh. What's the first generation of games?

P.S. Sorry for the (really) late reply. For some reason it's not alerting me when you comment on this:applejackconfused:

No worries!

The first generation of games here in America was Red and Blue. Japan had these games, plus a Green version. Then version 1.5 (I guess you could call it) was Yellow version. It had all the same Pokemon as Red, Blue and Green, but you had a Pikachu as your starter that would follow you around, much like Ash in the anime and Red in the manga.

Awww:rainbowkiss: I think that's cute to have Pikachu following you around.

It was super cute! And super cool, too!

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