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Psst... Taking drabble prompts on my tumblr account. · 2:58am Aug 10th, 2016

I wanna write, but I'm stuck on a few of them, so I'm gonna take some prompts on my tumblr account. I'm gonna do Sombrapie, but I'll do some other ships, too, since I'm multi-shipping trash.

Help me out of my funk.

Edit: I might post some of these into a compilation fic for drabbles if I like some of them... And reminder that drabbles are only 100 words long.

Edit 2: OK, here's the link to the drabbles prompt list

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Comments ( 7 )


TurnerDash. or DoctorDash. whichever.


Well, I reblogged this thing onto my page for people to choose from. If you want me to do a ship, which number do you want me to do for it?


DG for Octodash.

CY for DiscoMac.

Oh, oh, pick me, pick me!

DV for... Pinkie Pie, and... Madam Le Flour.

Unless, of course, you're not up to the challenge.

I've got two, and these are probably the two most off-the-wall ones that I can think of at the moment that don't delve into inanimate object shipping, foalcon, or incest:
BG for Soarin x Derpy

CX for Big Macintosh x Octavia

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