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There won't be a new chapter for "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" this week · 1:45am Aug 10th, 2016

As the title says, I won't release a new chapter for "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" this week. This week, I want to write a one-shot based on the new episode and since I don't have an idea how long it will be yet, I will probably not have time to write anything else this week.
I have given Flurry Heart priority actually and wouldn't replace a new chapter for her fic with something else usually, but.....

The fellow up there is not usual. It's not every day that we get to know a new relative of Derpy, the last time was with Chirpy Hooves during Season 4 in "Trade Ya!", so there's this opportunity I will take.
This week, I'm going to write a one-shot about Crackle Pop, Derpy's little brother, who came over from Rainbow Falls to participate in the Applewood Derby with his big sister.
Participating in the race was very important to him and I'm going to write a fic about why that was the case. Chirpy Hooves will be in the fic too!
I give a rough release date of the end of the week, as the one-shot might turn out very long to prevent myself from putting another multi-chapter story on my back.
See you at Sunday at the latest and don't forget Crackle Pop and Chirpy Hooves!

Comments ( 14 )

I was wondering what his name was...cool that he is related to Derpy! Looking forward to seeing this come out!


Hey there, Olden Bronie! Didn't hear from you for a while! xD

I look forward to it too, this is an occasion that only happens very rarely! :scootangel:

Yes, I'm sorry about not writing sooner. Been so busy with work and family things going on. I'll try to write something proper in the next couple of days. Hope you are dong well.


Don't worry about it! Oh and if you want to be better informed about how the fandom names ponies, always take a look at Derpibooru:


This is were much of the naming happens. :scootangel:

Sounds interesting! Good luck.


It's out now:


Sorry for the delay with it! It took a lot longer to write than I thought it would, and I put a lot of work into it, double- and even triple-checked everything and did a lot of research for it, which slowed it down even more, but I wanted to have this fic, really, REALLY good.
I have now decided to make a multi-chapter fic out of it anyway, despite my initial plans to not do so to not burden myself with more update duties, but don't worry!
This decision won't affect the progress of "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" in any way!
Even though it will be more than a one-shot now, all the chapters are already written, proof-read and edited and the only thing I need to do for each chapter is upload it and format it, which only takes a few minutes, so my Flurry Heart fic won't suffer from time I have to put into this fic! :twilightsmile:

4154638 Wow...that was fast, I must say :derpyderp2:


Not that fast. xD The story isn't terribly long, clocking in at 16,000 words in total, but it would be too long to read as a whole for most readers, I guess, so I split it into chapters after writing it.
Chapter 3 is still rather long, though, and I'm a bit worried how the reactions will be to this sudden increase in length.....

4154684 Only 16,000 words and one of the chapters is too long? It can't be longer than 6000 words, and I still consider that to be kinda short.


I see more a problem with it that there's a sudden shift from ~2,000 to ~7000 words. This unproportionate increase in length might disturb readers after having gotten used to much shorter chapters, that's my fear.
I tried to split it in two chapters, but it proved absolutely impossible. The thrill of the chapter lives from reading it in one go.
Then again, it's basically the climax and grande finale that I wrote there, which warrants a lengthy chapter, so maybe I'm worrying about nothing here and my readers will take it just fine.....

4154706 I still find no problem with 7,000 words. Don't know about other readers, though.

Alright! I'll be checking this out very soon.

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