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Finally saw the new episode · 8:17pm Aug 9th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

Saw "The Carts Before the Ponies".

Hated it.

Applejack and Rarity are WAAAAY out of character, and Dash is marginally out of character, more so because she's with Scootaloo this time. Each one completely ignored their partners and were selfish and greedy and just plain assholes. And they have the nerve to ask "Why didn't you say anything?"


Cheerilee doesn't lift a hoof to stop them. (Although, it was nice seeing her in a cute cheerleader outfit. :ajsmug:)

And the Crusaders just go along with it like the idiots they were in "One Bad Apple". Personally, if I had written it, I would have had the Crusaders rotate carts at the last minute, so that they all get what they asked for and their "older sisters" (in blood only, in two out of three cases) would be taught a lesson a bit earlier.

A lesson they didn't even need to learn because it's SEASON FUCKING SIX!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

This only would have been a semi-bad episode in season 1, but the fact that we are FIVE SEASONS AFTER these characters should have grown out of petty, selfish bullshit like this, it only makes it worse. Much worse.

Expect a scathing, unrelenting review. This horrible episode deserves all the scorn I can muster.

And don't even think about giving me that bullshit about only hating the episode because Rainbow Dash is in it. All three of them were horrible, self-serving jerks in this episode. None of them will receive mercy.

Stay quick, stay sharp, and brace yourselves . . . . :twilightangry2:

Report LightningSword · 440 views · #new episode
Comments ( 20 )

I agree with you wholeheartedly.
I'm gonna rewatch the best episode from this season again. (The Saddle Row Review)

Hopefully the next episode this saturday will be great. And I can't wait for the next episode next saturday...


Even I didn't really like the episode. And I like almost all of FiM.

Uhh... I'm concerned. I haven't watched it yet. Should I watch it then?:derpyderp2:

I agree with you lightning, it was one of the worst episodes I have seen for a long time.


I liked it:scootangel:
but you do have a point...:facehoof:
The song was great I think:scootangel:

I agree with you, Lightning.

This episode, and the whole trope of "One Character Needs Help, So They Get Someone Else Who Ultimately Steals Their Thunder To Help Them." can go die, if I'm being totally frank.

I'm guessing this is your One Where Pinkie Knows, right?

The moment with Derpy was great. But the rest of it...yeah, not gonna disagree with ya'. They were pretty darn OOC.

You should, if for nothing else, being up to speed with everybody else.

Simply put, that is because of The Reason.

may have worked if it was only centered on rarity and sweetie belle

Someone had to say it. Also, why weren't AJ and RD being more competitive? The show established early on that they're friendly rivals. Also, Dash has been shown to be good with foals (ESPECIALLY Scoots). Her bitchiness makes no sense.

I went into the episode expecting something great.

What I got was worse. AJ and Rarity were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY out of character and I hate that because they're my favorite members of the mane six.

I feel like the only good things that came from the episode was Cheeriliee in a cheerleader outfit (the name is too fitting) and some of the designs of the carts.

4140965 I've heard your piece on that episode, so if by that, you mean "the episode I hate with a sociopathic passion", not quite. Only two episodes have made me that angry, and this even this one isn't remotely close to those two . . . .

4141429 That was the only time I ever liked Cheerilee, is in her cheerleader uniform. That, and her sitting with Big Mac and sticking her little butt up in the air. That was cute, too. :twilightblush:

4141317 Even then, it would just be a repeat of "Sisterhooves Social", and it would still make no sense. Rarity is not that competitive in anything except fashion. Cart design or not, racing isn't her forte, so it doesn't make sense for her to be obsessed with something so sporty.

4140889 Good choice! My best is "Flutter Brutter", but that's more personal, I guess. :twilightsheepish:

4141342 None of the characterization made any sense. The CMC know what happens if you don't talk to the adults about a problem ("One Bad Apple"), Dash and AJ know what happens when a rivalry gets too intense ("Fall Weather Friends"), Dash knows how to treat Scootaloo ("Flight to the Finish", "Sleepless in Ponyville"), Applejack knows that tradition isn't always the way ("Apple Family Reunion"), and Rarity is not interested in sports or physical activities (literally every Rarity episode ever). The more I watched, the angrier I got. It was like watching a bunch of OCs that looked stolen from Lauren Faust's DA account. :facehoof:

4140920 If you want to, feel free. I don't recommend it at all, but I agree that you'd at least be caught up with everyone else.

4140964 Yeah, the song was catchy. If you liked it, that's fine. I just dread having to sit through it again to do my review. :raritycry:

4140900 I can't wait for the next episode. And yes, the one after that sounds really interesting. :twilightsmile:

You do realize that the older ones were caught up reliving their childish fantasies and were oblivious to the fact they were told to stop, right?

Happens all the time in real life

If you want to blame anyone, blame the CMC for becoming Fluttershies and not being more forward

What this episode showed us is that the CMC have the wrong sisters

Apple Bloom keeps going against the traditional Apple Family way (Rainbow Dash)
Sweetie Belle wants a simpler life (Applejack)
Scootaloo wants to be creative (Rarity)

4141726 I thought most of Flutter Brutter was good.
Basically the part that made me facepalm was when they broke out in song.
But, if you just want to ignore that part, I liked it!

4141883 But I like that song . . . :applejackunsure:


If you want to blame anyone, blame the CMC for becoming Fluttershies and not being more forward


4141935 I can forgive Rarity and Rainbow Dash because...well, go watch Spice up Your Life or whatever it was, where Rarity went full "YOU MUST CONFORM TO SOCIETY'S STANDARD YOU FILTHY GYPSIES!" and ignored all common sense

Rainbow is an egotistical cunt who deserves her misery the show heaps on her

Applejack is a die-hard traditionalist and stubborn as an ass

As I said, they got caught up in the moment, just like people watching the Olympics and the whole shitstorm with Trump and Hillary

4141935 It wasn't a bad song, it just felt out of place.

I personally found the whole supportive-characters-take-the-reigns-while-ignoring-the-ones-they're-supposed-to-help thing really cliche and overdone. The episode wasn't horrible, but goshdang; it was poorly executed :applejackunsure:

I'm kinda regretting choosing this episode as the one to get back into the show with.

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