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A former Australian FIMfiction author. I like to write stories, be they good or bad. I always have an idea in my head just waiting to be used. I love to write and will continue to do so.

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Acknowledged by a great author. · 7:12am Aug 9th, 2016

I don't know if he frowns upon blogs like these, I'd hate to be thought of as a fanboy, or as a loudmouth or something. :fluttershysad: To be clear, I'm not the type to get excited anymore, this isn't the same as being featured. Allow me to explain something.

My reasons for joining this site didn't just come out of interest, I was inspired to sign up and write by an author who gave the fandom a lovely character whom I love to pieces. She's a little alicorn, I've written a lot of stories involving her, some I feel do the character a great injustice, while others honor the character, and I hope, with some glimmer of hope, her creator. This little alicorn, is Nyx, and the author who inspired me, is Pen Stroke. And it wasn't Past Sins that introduced me to the character.

It was a Roleplay I was doing with a friend, now my girlfriend, it was the first time I got involved in My Little Pony and I think three weeks into that Roleplay, she introduced the idea of Celestia giving Twilight a filly to look after, I was totally against it at first, but I conceded and so, Nyx was included in our rp in a different way. Nyx's character was different and Shelbythehedgehog knew her story, though she has since forgotten, and when I found out the story Nyx came from, I read it, I tried starting a movie project about Nyx but that didn't go far. I joined the site in August, the year I gave up on the project and decided to write fanfiction.

My first official Nyx fic was Tears in the Snow, a Snowdrop Nyx crossover that did something different and strongly needs fixing to be a good story at all, but my first Nyx fic to be done in the spirit of Pen Stroke's works, was A Mothers Warmth, a fic that was disconnected from Tears in the Snow's now cancelled story arc and just sat on its own before I wrote Treasures and Trinkets.

Treasures and Trinkets is exactly what you all think, a fic that acts as a sort of sequel to Trinkets by Pen Stroke. But it's still a prequel to A Mothers Warmth, and an unofficial prequel to The Road Home by the same author. Trinkets is honestly the first ever Nyx story I have ever read, not Past Sins. The fic also features less Nyx then my other fics. It's also the reason I'm writing this blog.

Resized by TurboPower1000

This happened merely an hour prior to this blog, and it's a massive thing for any Nyx author to be acknowledged by the father of the character who is as beloved as little Nyx. I'd get a snapshot of the fic in that folder if it was top of the list. :rainbowlaugh: Even so, the story has been acknowledged, that lets me know that at least one of my story's is doing right by him and Nyx, I never in a million years thought that Pen would read any of my works, it's an honor to be acknowledged in some form however big, or small, and I extend a warm thank you for writing Past Sins to Pen Stroke, and allowing us horse word writers to come up with lovely little adventures for the darling to go on with her friends.

In addition, to Pen Stroke himself if he reads this, so that I can say it here, I know your putting it in a bookshelf speaks a tonne of what you think of the fic, I want to say this for myself...

I hope you enjoyed the read! :twilightsmile:

I just previewed the blog, I hope everyone can see the words in the screenshot alright.

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Comments ( 2 )

Snowdrop ended up leading me to this site.

I still have yet to repay her with a fic.

I remember my encounter with Penstroke. When I ask permission to parody his story for Letters Across a Disgruntled Multiverse.

I should really finish that story...

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