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*VERY IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ* · 1:58am Aug 9th, 2016

Hey guys. Big update. *sigh* This is going to be a long one…

So, as soon as I arrived home from my trip, I immediately got the flu. It was one of the worst cases of the flu I had ever seen. I was bedridden until… today, actually. While I was sick, I realized just how much time I had put into FimFiction, and how much time it took up. It had caused so much stress for me that when I was sick, I actually felt better than usual because I didn't have to worry about updating my story or clearing up the every-growing pile of art requests cluttering my inbox. I used to enjoy writing and doing art for you guys, but now… it just feels like a burden. It's not something I'm enjoying anymore. It's not your guys' fault, it's mine. It's my fault for not being able to say "No" to more requests or "I need a break" from FimFiction.

This past year has been rough. I've gone on so many trips, have had so many writer's blocks, and have had gotten sick so many times, and have had so many school and family problems going on in my life that FimFiction was beginning to be an extra thing to worry about, something that I didn't need. So that's why I'm deciding to sign off. I know that by doing this, I'm disappointing a lot of people. But I feel that if I continue, I'll just disappoint even more people. I know half of you guys probably don't care or won't bother to read this blog as it probably gets mixed up in the hundreds of notifications that come pouring from your feed… but for those who are reading and for those who do care… I'm sorry.

Crimson Beat, I'm sorry for taking forever on your art requests.

BioQuillFiction, I'm sorry for not doing my job.

Kamitorroga, I'm sorry for never finishing your OC.

Lord Shadowblade, I'm sorry for never responding to you.

Shamrock Clover, I'm sorry for leaving you.

All my followers, I'm sorry for letting you down.

Who knows, maybe one day, I'll come back, and I'll start over. But for now, my account is officially "DEAD." Goodbye.

Signing off for an indefinite amount of time,

The Daughter of the Moon

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Comments ( 7 )

Then take you're leave mate. But do know this, you are cared for, whether troubles come pouring down on top of you or not. You are cared for.

So, my friend, leave here with that in you're heart, and I do hope it brings you some hope and gladness. I wish the the best of luck, I really do.

Goodbye, my friend.

*hugs* Take care out there, and be safe. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Everybody deserves a break from the site once in a while, it's something I can agree with myself. I'm at least happy to see that you're still alive and all that. Take care friend, you need a well deserved break :twilightsmile:

Wow this is late, then again I've been off for a while too. Glade to know you're alright and one day may you return stronger than ever!:heart: Till we meet again, The Daughter of The Moon! (Fly's off to great unknown)

:applecry::fluttercry: so many of my friends are leaving or aren't active anymore.... this site is dying I know it is.... now I cant decide of I want to stay or not..

Its alright. We all understand your reasons and we should respect that.

Goodbye and good health. It was nice talking to you.

I'll always miss and love you little sister

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