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    Wrath, a pony of fortune, sees a lit window at the Tower of the West Gate during curfew's dusk in war-torn Vanner. The secret behind that light could change the course of a war. [Set before MLP:FiM]
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A Rough Tease · 11:00am Aug 8th, 2016

It's been a while but here's a teaser for the next story.
It's from a rough draft and will probably undergo some tweaking before it gets published, but that's fine:

The first thing he heard was the sound of seagulls ringing in his ears. It was an incessant cacophonous tumult that refused to let him fade back into the dark. He wanted to, yet somewhere underneath, a nagging voice which was a little fuzzy, told him he didn’t. And his head really hurt.

It hadn’t done, but it did now. The more he tried to concentrate the more it seemed to increase the dull throbbing at the crown of his head. His legs seemed to be semi-autonomously scrabbling for something. He could taste… salt? The voice pressed harder: he was forgetting something important.

With a sudden gasp Wrath pulled his face above the surface of the water and breathed.

Comprehension hit him like a brick to the head along with a flood of memories, one of which suggested that a brick and his head may have been involved in the matter anyway. He looked around, trying to clear his vision and wincing at the pain. He was still in his cabin, but the cabin was in the sea. Or rather the outside and the inside of the ship had gotten confused. He was confused. But there was water as high as his head and something had rearranged his cabin with little care for the decorative finish of the ensemble. Thinking was hard.

Perhaps he’d hit his head harder than he’d thought.

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