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What's Going On!? · 8:27pm Aug 6th, 2016

Mmkay. So, ever since the trailers for the fourth Equestria Girls first came out, folks on Equestria Daily, Derpibooru and Fimfiction have noticed something....odd about the growth of Pinkie's chest size??? :rainbowlaugh:

I mean...well, do you see a difference? As I've said before, Pinkie usually wears a blouse and a blue vest/jacket? thingy and in the new movie, she's just wearing a plain T-shirt...and that's probably it, but folks are saying compared to the first movie, which according to Rarity in the newest trailer, happened earlier in the year. Of course the animators could care less about what size they are :rainbowlaugh:

But on that note... :trixieshiftleft:

Is this a conspiracy now???

Is Pinkie just rocking the new T-shirt or is she developing???

What does it all mean???

And why do I feel tempted to write about this????

This is madness, I say!!!! :raritydespair:

Report Summer Dancer · 425 views · #What???
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Comments ( 43 )


That's it. :moustache:

I tried to come up with something, but I have no idea...

Either way the fandom will spin around a dozen times, just like with every movie.

Pinkie's getting into your mind.

She's getting into everyone's mind. :pinkiecrazy:

She's still young enough that her breasts might plausibly be not finished developing.

......Write it...I kinda want in on it...But....I...UGH! Now I wanna write something...I have a basic idea, but...my writting is horrible:rainbowlaugh:

4135578 Wouldn't it be funny if there was a contest on it :rainbowlaugh:

4135587 *Shivers* don't give the people anymore ideas

4135586 Could be :twilightsmile: (Your OC looks so cute by the way!)

4135589 Oi, fandom, why u do dis? :rainbowlaugh:

Do they have side by side comparison pics to back it up?

Well... I don't mind. She's my favorite EQG. Aren't you, Pinkie? :pinkiehappy:

4135595 I haven't seen one, though a lot of people think it's the case. I don't see a huge difference though :applejackunsure:

4135605 Well, I've always liked Christmas! This is very generous and thoughtful, Cookie. Thank you :twilightsmile:

I'd say still in development.

4135651 What'd you think of this morning's ep?

4135657 Today's ep was alright, but Rarity and Applejack were very OOC in my opinion. The moral could have been done a little better, without the three older sisters being jerks to their sibs almost. It was okay. What did you think?

4135664 More or less the same thing; I had a gut feeling that the Crusaders' big sisters were gonna try and do what they did.

4135672 Yeah. I'm excited for the next episode though. Next up, we have 28 Pranks Later.

perhaps, perhaps.:trollestia:
But anyway, i saw a side by side comparison and it looks to me like her shirt is just skin tight:moustache:
also there's the matter of the ?jacket? she normally wears

4135690 Yeah. But ya never know, ya never know :trollestia: But yeah I do think her shirt is just tightly fit :rainbowlaugh:

4135699 can't wait for the movie:rainbowwild:

4135589 Well, I hope people don't get ideas, not for this.There are way too many stories out there that take this kind of thing (which I am hopefully assuming is just a scientific interest) and turn it into something bad, as in sensual.

4135921 I don't think it'll actually happen, but I wouldn't put it past the fandom just yet :rainbowderp:

Like I say: Have faith in your fellow man, but don't put anything past them. :facehoof::ajbemused::rainbowlaugh:

At my church, I'm known for my philosophies. #Noegohere :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Ever hear about the rumor of the artist of the Power Girl comics?

Okay I have a song for you.

4136383 No, what happened?
4136420 I am now listening to this in the dark with my earphones on :yay:

EDIT: Oh my gosh, it's this song :rainbowlaugh:

4136515 It fits to so many things.

4136527 Now I can't help but read the title of this blog in his voice :trixieshiftleft:

4136528 You mean her, that's a woman singing it. Here's the video.

So Power Girl is known for having massive boobs in the DC universe, and it started out as either a dare or a self-dare for her first illustrator to draw her boobs a size bigger in each issue, just to see how long it took DC censors to notice. It reached pretty crazy sizes before DC noticed, but by then it was just a part of her image/character.

4136756 LOL! :rainbowlaugh: Let's see how many EG movies we get before Hasbro get mad :rainbowlaugh:

4136530 WHAT!? IT WAS A GIRL THE WHOLE TIME!?!? :rainbowderp:
4136756 OMG, SERIOUSLY!? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Wow, just....wow :rainbowlaugh: That's hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Just write the damned story. You know it's bound to happen.

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