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How do you celebrate reaching a major milestone in your fic? · 1:47pm Aug 6th, 2016

With the favourite sandwich of your main protagonist:

Chapter 10 of "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds", titled "The Destroyer of Worlds", is an important milestone for it in many regards.
Not only is it the tenth chapter of it, one that was once supposed to be the last or second-to-last one, it also contains the big climax of the story that I have in my head since I started planning it, and around which the whole fic is centered. The one and only focal point of the story.
And additionally, just before I released it, I got my 30th favourite for it, courtesy of Henry101 and, right after release, the 100th comment for it!
"Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" is my most popular and successful fanfic so far and the one with which I finally managed it to get into a regular writing pattern.
All these goals are incredibly important to me, as is the fic itself, so I'm celebrating reaching them with Flurry Heart's favourite sandwich she has in my fic, peanut butter and tomato slices! :heart:
And I have to say, it tastes incredibly delicious and the sweet tomatoes make for a nice contrast to the tart taste of the peanut butter!
Looks like I equipped Flurry Heart with a very nice taste in my fanfiction here. :heart:
And with that said, onwards to the next ten chapters! Expect Chapter 11 next week!

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The tags are strong with this post ...
Wait a second, there are still TEN more chapters to be written?! :pinkiegasp: Let's see what ends first, this story or Season 6? (I hope this story ends first because the finale may distract me, especially if it contains something that ruins your fic). And yes, the sandwich is delicious! When you celebrate the final chapter, try Sunny Spirits' sandwich: vegetables with cream :rainbowlaugh:


Wait a second, there are still TEN more chapters to be written?! :pinkiegasp:

I strongly reckon with it. As I said, this chapter was planned as the last, or at least second-to-last, chapter when I planned the fic through, but then I wrote everything much longer than I thought I could and got more ideas to develop the fic better and to have a better build-up and so Chapter 10 is here, but we're still far away from the end.
This ride won't end too soon, most likely. :scootangel:

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