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My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic [The Unauthorized Revision] · 9:33pm Aug 5th, 2016

So I've been sitting on this pet project for quite a few years. Pretty certain for a while already that I'd never actually be able to post this on the site as my "own" story since it's, as the title says, an "Unauthorized Revision". And so I'll just be posting segments on my blog interspersed with my Dazzlings prompts.

Harmony, which is the balance of all things, is the fundamental force in the world that brings peace to Equestria. There is always the risk of Chaos, the loss of that balance, to take hold but Harmony will always ultimately be the victor.

In a world unlike Equestria, Order is what holds sway. However, Control is never too far behind...

Author's Notes: The original is terrible, so here's something "readable."


MY BRAVE PONY STARFLEET MAGIC: The Unauthorized Revision


"Far off in the distant reaches of the Dimensional Universe, there is a magical world called Unicornicopia, home to a race of winged unicorns. These creatures' single horns were all a coloration that matched their distinct individual coats. However their leader--known as the Grand Ruler--was the sole being to have a horn of gold. Despite this difference the unicorn subjects, whom the Grand Ruler always kept a watchful eye over, welcomed the protection that the golden horned alicorn provided. Under his rule there was peace in Unicornicopia.

While most of the unicorns desired to live simple, tranquil lives, many others sought to give their service in order to protect the peace their race loved and cherished. They trained to become powerful warriors and joined their Grand Ruler in his never-ending struggle against the forces of evil-- To become members of 'Star Fleet.'

It was thanks to Star Fleet and its trained warriors that countless worlds were protected from evil forces.

Despite Star Fleet's tireless efforts, however, there was one evil force in existence which proved to be as strong as Star Fleet, and at times, even more so. A force of malevolence led by a powerful sorcerer who sought to destroy all that was good and decent, and rule the Dimensional Universe using levels of hatred beyond anyone's imagination.

A great and terrible battle occurred when the sorcerer attacked Unicornicopia directly. Star Fleet, surprised by the maneuver and guile of the sorcerer and his forces, tried to stave him off but proved to be no match against his dark magic.

Fearing for the safety of his subjects as well as that of the Dimensional Universe, the Grand Ruler sallied forth and fought against the sorcerer in an epic match of ferocity and will. With the power of his golden horn, the Grand Ruler unleashed the mysterious magic of the Uniforce and was able to render the sorcerer weak, but was ultimately unable to destroy him.

Using the last of his available strength, the Grand Ruler sealed the sorcerer away in a distant Dark Dimension, so that he might never again recover his power and threaten Unicornicopia or the Dimensional Universe with his evil.

Over the course of one-thousand years, the threat that the sorcerer posed was eventually forgotten and lost from everyone's collective memories, remaining only in the annals of history books; merely tales of the past. But the Grand Ruler's struggle against the evil that remains continues on, and along with the brave warriors of Star Fleet, he would be the vanguard--the shield and the sword--the first to fight and the last to stand against all that threatened the side of Good..."

Finishing his tale, Lightning Dawn turned toward his fairy friend. "...and that's all I know, Krysta," the white unicorn said to her.

The small blonde-haired fairy cocked her head to the side, still perplexed. "Thanks for the history lesson and all, but that doesn't explain why His Majesty wants you to start living in Unicornicopia, all of a sudden." Krysta continued to speak her thoughts aloud. "You've been living in the royal palace for a long time now, and considering that you still can't do magic..."

Lightning had been wondering this as well. And many times before that, he wondered why the Grand Ruler himself would take him as his apprentice above all the others. Like Krysta already mentioned, for many years he lived with his master in the royal palace, which floated in the skies high above Unicornicopia. It was there that he learned how to do things without the use of magic.

Lightning arched his brows at the words of the pink-skirted fairy girl and sighed. He brushed a bang of his short brown mane out of his face and glanced up at his pale-white colored horn. Although he was a unicorn, he was unable to perform magic.

Yet despite all of that, now the Grand Ruler was sending him to live in the kingdom below. To meet new creatures, to make friends and to start a new life for himself. Of course, Lightning was to continue his studies and his training, as well.

Lightning sighed again and looked down at his white armor vest. For a moment his eyes settled on the serial number "AO-0C", which was printed on the vest just above his insignia on the front. Standing up, the unicorn used his forehooves to smooth out the wrinkles beginning to form along his pair of pants, which matched his vest in color, that covered his hind legs. When he took a step forward, the material of the distinct black boots that covered his rear hooves squeaked slightly from the movement, attracting Krysta's attention.

"Well…I guess we better get going." Lightning said.

Krysta nodded as the unicorn unfurled his wings. Flying off together, they were ready to start their new lives.

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