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Why So Serious? Chapter 1: Mugging Gone Stranger synopsis · 12:21am Aug 4th, 2016

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, The Ultimate Life Form continues its downward spiral, thanks to the Haters trying to run it into the ground. Don't try to stick up for them, I know exactly what's going on there. Admittedly, they're making it very difficult not to just block them and call it good.

But, let's move on, shall we? I've successfully recruited The Narwhal Assassin to be my co-author for Why So Serious? He's come up with some pretty good ideas for it, and I hope that we can make this new Joker story the pheonix that rises from the ashes of The Ultimate Life Form. Anyways, here's the synopsis for the first chapter, hereby titled Mugging Gone Stranger .

The chapter opens with Twilight interrogating The Joker in Everfree Asylum, aka Discount Arkham Asylum, trying to find out who he is underneath his make-up. Joker, of course, gives her the run around several times before finally deciding to tell the truth. He then says, "It all started the day I died."
We then transition to Brendan's accident and displacement, followed swiftly by Vinyl Scratch and her mare friend Octavia (ponies are anthro in this story. It's kind of my calling card in fimfictions, as I find hands easier to work with) being chased by Thunderlane and a pack of thugs, before they're finally cornered, but before they thugs can do anything to them outside of threats , Joker shows up and the thugs attack him, while Thunderlane grabs Vinyl and slips away. It isn't long before Mr. J catches up to him, however, and during the stand-off where Thunderlane holds a knife to Vinyl's throat, Joker throws a dart tipped with Joker Venom which hits the black stallion in the arm, causing him to have his last laugh. However, the knife severely damages Vinyl's voice box and vocal chords, rendering her a mute and paving the way for DJ Pon3 to become Shriek.

I look forward to reading your comments below! That's all for now!

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Comments ( 9 )

will there be an evil batman/mare?

By the way I really like this idea and all of the ideas you've had. I'm not joking, some of these are really good (waiting patiantly for that Shadowbolts vs. Wonderbolts fic).

P.S. I also find it easier to write anthro ponies compared to regular ponies.

:pinkiesad2: Thanks, man. I only wish other people felt the same way. I really don't like blocking people or deleting comments. But, as of late, there's always been someone popping up to tear me down. It's almost enough to send me running back to fanfiction.net where my Gravity Falls stories are seen as pure gold. Seriously, I wrote a Bipper story almost a full year before sock opera hit the airwaves.

4130620 My response to all haters (who do it for fun)


Honestly, I don't know if they do it for fun, but here's my response:

I thought you had learned, but you haven't. I am very dissapointed, because you have good potential.

Well, excuse me if I won't stand for people trying to tear me down without telling me what I'm doing wrong. Seriously, show me one comment that proves me wrong, and I'll take it all back.

4130661 I'll admit that them shoving the problems in your face without trying to explain how to fix it is a problem that I see often. However, that does not necessarily make them "Haters". They might just be regular people who have no idea how to properly review a story.

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