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Epic Meal Time: goth Edition · 6:47am Aug 3rd, 2016

If this were actually Epic Meal Time, there would be a top and bottom layer of gay bacon strips, each strip of sugared fruity roll masterfully weaved into each other, with liberal drippings of the sauce boss chocolate sawce right over them Oreos. Here at Epic Meal Time, there ain't no such thing as absurd. You're the crazy one if you ain't thinking outside the box or stuffin' it til it's overflowin', ya green bean chewin', brussel sprout suckin' p:yay:y.

Not gonna lie. I would eat the whole thing right there and then. Ice cream is one of my favourite foods. The Pinkie Pie diet totally calls for something like this. I'd say this is worth the diabetes. Hell... can you get diabetes from Oreos? They're almost like vanilla. A bit plain. Not too too complicated. Probably not the most sugar saturated snack of salivation. Once you step up to Chips Ahoy! then you're getting in that danger zone. I'm pretty sure. Kinda.

Honestly, I thought she was going to screw up when she substituted butter with milk. I guess the black cat jumping up on the counter was a good omen this time?

Oh. And this video was made by a goth chick. A really sexy goth chick. Like, I find goth chicks to be super hot and cute, but is it bad that I was paying waaaaay more attention to the ice cream? I mean, that is a really damn fine ice cream dish she made. And I really do like ice cream...

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