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Fan since Gen1, Queen Chrysalis Fave Villain, love to write, draw, and read. I now have a Kofi page: https://ko-fi.com/queenchrysalisforever

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    Update on my Housing Situation

    Hello, all my wonderful fans, friends, and readers! It's been a few weeks and I haven't announced this anywhere else yet (only other place would be Discord, but I wanted to get this to everyone much as I could at the same time.)
    Anyway, the TLDR of it all is, we don't have to move, at least not yet.

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    New art for Long Live the Queen and Updates

    Hello all, hope you are all doing well.
    Let's start off with the good news, Long Live the Queen has gotten some new art! Made by the Awesome Butters that will be an in chapter art for the chapter "Discourses and Trials".

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    I just need a little emotional support right now. x.x

    UPDATE: Read my comment below for updates. Also, updated the main blog post too at the bottom with a link to my Ko-fi page.

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    Quick little update

    Happy Independence Day everyone! Well kind of a belated one as it is after midnight here now, but still! Hope it was a good one for you all.
    Just a quick update for you all on writing projects and the like:

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    A Fimfic Goal: Achived! + Random + Life +Updates

    Hello all my lovely fans out there, how have you been? Hopefully, these hard times we are going through right now are treating you well? I've had some issues, but we can get to that after the announcement. One of my long-time goals on Fimfic has been achieved, a story of mine made it onto the featured list! *Squees*

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Harem of the Queen 'finished'. · 12:27am Aug 2nd, 2016

And so I come to the 'end' of my first finished story on here. Was VERY hard writing that last chapter, a good part because of the crap I put poor Shiny through. *hugs her favorite stallion.* That and I have never really written a 'final' chapter of anything? So I hope you all feel it ended well, even if the last chapter didn't have as much sex as the others. (I wanted it to end with a 'and so the sexy times keep going on' kind of ending?)
BUT for those of you who have enjoyed it, never fear! I have at least two bonus chapters planned. Not featuring our favorite couple, but in showing scenes that were skipped because our narrators (aka Shiny and Chryssy) were not in them. The first will be between Cadence and Danaus, and it is about 3/4ths of the way done. So should hopefully have it up tonight.
Either way, thanks for sticking with me through my first clop fic (even if it ended up being a ton of story as well. What can I say? With my clop fics I read most, I like having some story in them along with the clop. *cough* though I might have gone a little crazy with the story part... *cough* )

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