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Another vehicle has been lost in the defense of the Rodina!

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  • 193 weeks
    Another Story!

    I'm making a new story, much to the chagrin of the part of me that wants to stay on one thing, but I have ideas and I'm allowed to experess them! You! Stay back! I have my rights and I'm not afraid to use them!

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  • 193 weeks
    Okay, so, For The Future...

    Okay, the next chapter is in progress. I just have been really lazy lately, combine that with school... Yeah, I think you get the idea. So, the next chapter will be coming out soon. Also, I could be making a new story. Just ideas, at the moment. Anyway, no real timeframe, so don't be suprised if it takes a bit.


    0 comments · 127 views
  • 198 weeks
    Next Chapter!

    So, I'm getting started on the next chapter. A very helpful person gave me some ideas for where I should go with the story. I won't point you out unless you want to be. Cheers!

    0 comments · 152 views
  • 199 weeks
    As To The Next Chapter...

    I'm going to wait on starting the next chapter until I see where to go next. I'd very much like if people gave me ideas. I simply have too many ideas on where to go with this to truly know, and to have some help would be very nice. Cheers!

    2 comments · 161 views
  • 200 weeks
    My Story is now Officially Published!

    The Power of Man finally has its first chapter approved! Feel free to go give it a read! You have no idea how happy I feel inside right now.

    Anyway, Cheers!

    0 comments · 132 views

Well Then... · 3:04pm Aug 1st, 2016

Since nobody has really offered to be a editor/advisor, I guess I will have to wing it. Best of luck, I hope. See you on the other side!

Report SelectFilly · 126 views · #No Editor
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