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  • 42 weeks
    I'm still alive!

    I know I'm a few weeks overdue on updating Reflections, so I must apologize. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to go through and get the chapters ready for publication. I'm hoping to have the next chapter published within the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  • 50 weeks
    New Reflections Cover!

    Special thanks to my homeboy Marik Azemus for putting this together for me.

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    New Banner!

    Some of you might have seen it already, but I've got a new banner image up. In addition to my profile, you can find it on derpibooru here.

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    Public Service Announcement

    Who here likes Fallout? Maybe ponies too? Maybe want to contribute to an author who's working the fallout pony scene? Well my boy Volrathxp is recruiting people for his Patreon in the leadup to April 2nd, when he's raffling off a copy of his latest work, Fallout:

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    New Chapter is Up!

    I've just launched the next chapter in Reflections. Catch it here.

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Chaos Theory Preview · 2:33pm Aug 1st, 2016

Below you'll find a segment of what I've got written for the one shot I've been working on;

Two images stood out simply because they were clear as day. One was a gritty visage of Dusk tinkering away in a dark bunker, lit by the light of the monitor over him. The other was Dusk seemingly in the middle of some sort of rant with the familiar face of Starlight Glimmer, one of Princess Sparkle’s students. “What am I looking at?”

“You’re looking at two of the strongest echoes that presently exist within the multiverse.” Said Discord. “Instead of performing just a single action as many others have done before disappearing, these two seem to have been anchored within those realities. Both grew up calling their universe home. The ‘tinkerer’, as I like to call him, has Dusk’s sense of right and wrong. The other does as well, but he has a bit of a difference…”

I studied the image of the ranting pony for a moment before the truth hit me. “To the average pony, he comes across as crazy.”

“Exactly.” Discord made a curt motion with his left hand and the image of our raging lunatic grew to encompass the whole projection. “While our friend here grew up within the reality he found himself in, a number of Dusk’s more traumatic memories began to assert themselves over the last few years."

Granted that's just one part of what I've been working on. I'm also developing some simple cover art for it. Once that's done it'll get posted here.

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