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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #448! · 5:00am Aug 1st, 2016

(In case you missed the notice, this week's Anime Blog, which I failed to post yesterday, will instead be posted sometime Monday morning, probably between the hours of 5 and 9am Central US time. This is due to my having been sick half the day Sunday and not having time to finish watching the week's simulcasts...which I didn't finish watching in the first place because of illness/weather/the DNC/etc.)

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Comments ( 12 )

Throwing a stale pastry at some guy in the stocks... scratching that off the bucket list!

Blythe regretted asking Youngmee to show off her special version of "Magic Missile", especially after she was almost hit by it.

When it comes to waterbending in real life, you just make do with what you can.

Yung Mi: I summon the rock of hope!
Guy: Ow!

Fluffy, what have you done with your life? :twilightoops:

Youngmee: the Princess of Thrown Projectiles.:ajsmug:

...you like LPS?

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE:rainbowkiss:

4132407 I've made no secret of the fact that I've loyally watched every episode of Littlest Pet Shop. :rainbowkiss: And that I ship Blythe and Youngmee. (And I don't normally do the shipping thing.)

I've kinda fallen off the habit of watching it, but it's still such a great show:pinkiehappy:

4132497 Yep. I...think the final episodes are on Netflix now, but not 100% sure about that. In any case, LPS ended a couple months ago.

Wait......it ended? Well, that was unexpected. For me anyway. Also, I don't have Netflix:fluttercry: I'm a sad human being:fluttershbad:

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