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Why So Serious? The Master Plan · 9:07pm Jul 28th, 2016

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, I see that Throw It All Away is doing about as well as it was last night. I believe this song matches how I feel about every last one of the 40 people, most of whom I'd bet dollars to donuts just read the description, and the description alone, and just blindly disliked it:

But, that's beside the point. This blog post is meant to talk about what tricks I've got up my sleeve for my new M-rated Joker Displaced, Why So Serious? Which, I might add, will be starring yours truly as the Clown Prince of Crime.

Okay, first off, my Displaced Joker persona will be an anti-heroic fusion of my two favorite Jokers. I'll have the body of the Arkham Origins Joker:

And I'll have the voice of the greatest Joker of all time: Mark Hamill.

And, of course, I'll be driving around in my dream car:

Also, I'll have each and every one of the Joker's wonderful toys, such as Razor Cards, Smylex/Joker Venom, the acid flower, Joy Buzzers, a knife, a crowbar, the custom-made revolver, the chattering teeth, etc, as well as a magic satchel ability that will allow me to top of my supplies on the fly and hold all of my gadgets, which honestly can be the only explanation for Joker being able to pull off moves like this:

Now then, onto the story. as I said before, I'm going to be an anti-hero version of The Joker. Don't think that's possible? Well, what if I told you that they kind of did something similar once? Still don't believe me? Well, then go onto Netflix, look for a cartoon called The Batman and look for an episode titled "The Laughing Bat." Moving on, this story is set in early fall/winter, thus allowing for this to be my character theme:

Also, the timeline this story is set in is completely separate from the canon MLP timeline. The Season Premieres and Finales still happen and/or have happened, just played out a little differently. In this timeline, Twilight and Spike are detectives (and they're partners. Might actually ship them, since Twilight didn't actually hatch Spike in this timeline, thus negating their sister/brother and/or Mother/Son relationship)for the CCPD (Canterlot City Police Department) which I might add rivals the GCPD early in Bats' career in terms of corruption. Rarity is a big time fashion mogul, Applejack's a billionaire who runs Equestria's leading apple-based product corporation, Pinkie Pie isn't really all that much different, but she does run a bakery, Fluttershy is a veterinarian, and Rainbow Dash is Shining Armor's right-hand mare in the Royal Guard. That being said, they're still all BFFs, they're still the Elements of Harmony, and they DO NOT like me when I show up and start killing criminals and crime lords, (which is Act 1 in a nutshell, with many encounters with the Mane 6 thrown in for good measure)nor do the Princesses, even as public opinion turns evermore in my favor. In fact, they see me as the worst kind of criminal, the kind who thinks their actions are justified.

Act 2 is when the supervillains show up, starting with Vinyl Scratch aka Shriek, who blames me for her being mute in an incident you guys get to see right out of the gate. I might also use my Smoker and Concrete Queen villains as well. And it's during this act of the story that me and the Mane 6 actually start to work together AND it's where we start getting into Joker X Pinkie Pie territory.

Well, that's all for today, kiddies! Be sure to leave any questions or ideas you have in the comments below! And remember: dying is easy, comedy is hard!

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Comments ( 9 )

Mildly immature to imply that 40 people who disliked a fanfiction possibly deserve death, but whatever.
Referring to the story idea, I'm intrigued by Joker x Pinkie Pie.

4118539 Mildly? He's done this for long time now.

Like I said, I had rough day at work yesterday, and the swarm of haters the story, which I put a LOT of effort into by the way, got pushed me over the edge. Admittedly, I was thinking about turning the haters into OC crime lords and sic'ing Joker on them. Two problems with that though: A: There's not 52 Dislikes, and B: That would be a recipe for disaster, and probably make things worse. So, can we PLEASE move on from this?

4118560 I would, but I'm still not confident that a lesson has been properly learned here.

Okay, I get it, don't delete comments. But, you didn't see these comments. They ganged up on me, insulted my work, all because it had Shadow in it. And I know for a fact that they didn't even glance at the chapter itself. Trust me, if they had, it would be a different story. I will not stand for being burned by people like this. So, I guess I'll just block them when they turn up and call it good. Then I'll have evidence that I've been attacked for a bullshit reason.

4118590 I'll reiterate.
Getting hate is part of art. And censoring your audience is just a way to get more hate.
It's hard to get people insulting your work, I get that. But deleting comments is the absolute worst way to handle criticisms, constructive or destructive.

Simply put, don't pull a Lily Peet on us.


i wonder if you could pull a anti hero version of this scene for the story.

4118560 I'll move on but I'm not forgetting every time you've done this.

The Killing Joke

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