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John the brony and yknow

If you are reading this, I can say you're interested about me! :D thanks a lot, drop by one of my fics and comment please, if you may...

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Passion · 11:23am Jul 28th, 2016

When we do things with passion, we do them good, we can really make good stuff when we do them passionately, and when we like to do them, the more we like to do that, the best you do things...

That's why I don't write much, and the little I write sucks!

But there's another way to write that I like and do passionately

That thing is:

Programming Languages!

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The trick is to find something that puts you in the mood to write. Mine is listening music and I recommend you to find something that will give you the passion to write.

4117971 Music is what less I need, I hear music like all the time and I don't get enough passion...

I would like to write something cool but I don't have enough writing skill

And as you can see my English skills kind of sucks! (writing)


Practice and read books, books normally have a better grammar than anything you'll find here. THey'll give you an idea of how to use the punctuation properly and how to make a narration.

4118197 Good tip, I will do that, some time, thanks

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