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Nova Arc

Broken by life, but more so by the lives of others. If anyone has the cure for a broken soul, let me know.

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Nova Digi Log: To Readers of HoH... · 3:57am Jul 27th, 2016

The series is going to be rebooted!

Hey-O, subscribers! Big news.

I've been wanting to do a superhero fic, so I'm gonna try to get back on board with Heroes of Harmony. It's gonna be redone with a new story, new premise, and new cast of characters. The story will be inspired by a the anime Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), which I'm so hooked on right now. I've been up all night watching it and I'm almost done. It's so awesome!

Anyway, it's gonna take aspects of that, such as the open superhero activity. But it may involve other superhero shows (which I'm not revealing just yet). I've been looking for inspiration for this show, so this is a big break for me.

So, look out for that in future. For now, I'm out!


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