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Weekendverse · 2:38am Jul 27th, 2016

Weekendverse is now a group!
I'm pretty sure that this isn't a group yet (if it is, then my bad...) but I felt like it was time to make one. Hopefully it helps people find these wonderfully crafted stories.
It's still pretty new, and it's been awhile since I made a group. if there's anything I can try and clarify, or something I should add, please let me know!

While I have you, since Farmhand is coming to an end, I have been planning a few ideas for stories taking place in universe.
The first is telling the story of that other crazy weekend that happened, the one that left Spitfire all hot and bothered and very, very cranky. A story of how a little small town couple collides with a pair of uppity aristocrat newlyweds. Throw in a hyper-horny Wonderbolt leader and who knows what the hell will happen... there would be clop, but like Farmhand would have a heavy focus on story.
This one I'm a little hesitant to write, considering that it will definitely take some time to write (Farmhand took 3 years too many to write) and I do not want to repeat that again...

the second one ( which was inspired by a comment by The Dragon Warlock) would be a "sequel" (I use that term lightly) that takes place a couple months after Farmhand, with Applejack bragging about Soarin's 'special trick' to Rarity. One thing leads to another and soon the two find themselves in a sex contest to show the other that they are the superior lover with best boy toy. This one would be mostly silly clop and sexy contests. I have a few ideas kicking in mind, with a ballot of judges (Rainbow, Pinkie (who are responsible for suggesting such an absurd wonderful contest), and Fluttershy (who really doesn't want to judge it), who give them points, and after certain checkpoints, the current leader would get to do something to the current loser, with a special punishment at the end of the day, and a REALLY big punishment at the end of the weekend.
I'm also open to sex competition ideas for this one as well, so if you have one, leave a comment.

Thanks for listening, and don't forget to join Weekendverse!

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Comments ( 2 )

Okay, that crazy sex competition one sounds awesome!
As for an idea for a sexual contest, how about which pair can bring their partners to climax fastest (both ways) not involving direct intercourse?
Alternatively, who goes at it in the most public or extreme location?

Both of those sound like ideas Rainbow would suggest.

Holy shit...you actually did it!!! Weekendverse is a reality!!! I think it goes without saying that I'm definitely gonna subscribe to this!!

And I really want to see that one that Spitfire's whining about, cuz I have a feeling that it was pretty out of the way for a bunch of rich couples, and I got to see why Spitz is so broken from it...Maybe Fancy and Fleur already knew about Spitfire's reputation and decided to cockblock her to see how much she would resist until she breaks...

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