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  • Thursday
    I just have one question.

    When are the Grinded Pony Hooves coming out?

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  • Wednesday

    As someone who played Destiny 1.0 like mad for two months in an effort to feel like I had recouped the $60 I spent, I'm feeling rather nostalgic for the time that everyone just defaulted to blaming Activision for all of Destiny's problems.

    Anyone else?

    Because goddamn has Bungie got a fucking hard-on for sunsetting and vaulting paid content.

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  • Tuesday
    Just beat Terminator Resistance.

    Well, when I haven't been writing or working, I've been slowly making my way through Terminator Resistance, after hearing too many good things.

    IGN scored it a 4/10, while Steam users have it currently rated at a 92/100. That's quite the disparity.

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  • 1 week
    Guys I made a meme! Hey wait a minute...

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  • 1 week

    Full-size version.

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FFS... · 12:31pm Jul 26th, 2016

Welp, won't have to worry about deciding what game to play on the 9th.

PC version of No Man's Sky delayed three days for worldwide release on the 12th.

No reason has been given, but I honestly don't care at this point. My mind's been glued on my vacation, and for all I know, this is Sony wanting to jizz over three days of exclusivity.

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