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Digimon x Gurren laggan x Steven universe: Pilot · 1:23am Jul 26th, 2016

[Open Int. Terriermon's room- Terriermon]

(Terriermon eating potato chips, staring at the Warp Pad for the team to Return,Renamon,Agumon (2006),And Simon the digger warp in)

Terriermon: You're back!

Agumon (2006): Hey Terriermon,look at this! *pulls out a small Electric Skull which cackles*

Simon the digger: Woah, what are you, crazy?! *knocks the Electric Skull out of Agumon's hand and steps on it*

Terriermon: What the heck was that?!

Simon the digger: An Electric Skull,our palace as swarming with them. *sits down on couch*

Agumon: They were after this. *takes out The Hourglass from fanny-pack*

Terriermon: *entranced* Can I see that?

Agumon: Yeah,sure.*Hourglass falls into Agumon's hand*

Simon the digger: *interrupts* No! It’s extremely powerful, we shouldn’t have even brought it home.

Terriermon: Renamon,tell Simon to let me see the thing-*Renamon puts finger to his lips*

Renamon: Shh... *has finger on Terriermon's lips*

Terriermon: Aw, man. I wanna come next time. I even wrote us a song. *takes out ukulele* It’s like: “If you’re...” W-wait, hold on. *tunes ukulele, sings We Are The amazing team*

All team characters: *clapping*

Agumon: *chuckle* What’s with the part about pizzas?

Terriermon: That’s just a best case scenario.

Simon the digger: You wanna sing that during battle?

Terriermon: Yeah.

Simon the digger: Why?

Terriermon: Because I’ll look really cool!

Simon the digger: *chuckling* You’ll look...like a clown! *Simon and Agumon laugh*

Renamon: Hey! Don’t make fun of Terriermon!

Simon the digger: Look Terriermon,you’re still too young to come with us. You don’t even have powers in your gem.

Terriermon: But I wanna help!

Agumon: Why don’t you grab us some doughnuts? *gives him a wad of money and hints at it*

[Trans. Ext. Terriermon's room- Terriermon]

Terriermon: *looks in hand and finds The Hourglass, gasps* The thing! *excitedly goes to Big Donut*

[Trans. Int. Big Donut- Terriermon,Larry and Hoogie]

Larry and Hoogie: *Murmuring to each other*

Larry: Well, if it isn’t Terriermon,of the "Amazing team"

Terriermon: *sighs* Hey Larry. *slams money on counter* Just give me three doughnuts.

Larry: You want me to connect them with a hot dog?

Terriermon: *gasps, looks at “dog-nut” ad* Oh, no, they’re not for me. It’s for Renamon,Agumon and Simon.

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