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I am a 22 year old High School Alumni. I am also a brony, and a avid gamer. Rainbow Dash is the element of Loyalty and my pony waifu!!!! A huge thanks to Ms. Amber Davis for my oc commission.

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I miss my marefriend · 10:18pm Jul 25th, 2016

:fluttercry: I miss my marefriend so much that my :heart: is breaking!!!!! :raritycry:

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4112563 Nothing just that I miss my marefriend extremely bad!!!! :raritycry:

4112585 I don't know I really miss her though. :raritycry:
I need cheering up where's Pinkie Pie

4112604 or just Roxie from Chicago the musical

Idk .... It's a hot character from my favorite musical


4112604 oh or something else?

I just found that random song :P

4112609 Oh okay.....
But I still miss my marefriend so much!!!!! :raritycry:


Guess mr.cellophane would make you more depressed then ;-;


I tell ya cellophane mr cellophane

Should of been my name
Mr. Cellophane

Cuz you can look right through me
Walk right by me, and never know I'm there

I'm... There - that song

4112712 Or would you rather hear a song making fun of trump :3

4112723 Both......I'm so :pinkiehappy: my marefriend is back

*hugs* It's alright my friend, I'm sure she'll come back soon. Just remain calm till she does.

Anypony have any good music or song suggestions that will help me stay calm while I await my magical mare's return?

Who's your marefriend?

4118369 I know what her name is, I know what's been going on.

4118379 Yes, I do know what you've been doing with her.

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