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Coffe a day, keeps the world around me grey.

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  • 316 weeks
    It's Over

    (I'm not killing myself. I'm just logging off here because I need to get my life on track. So this is the last time you'll see a blog, story or even a word from me. Sorry for the scare.)

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  • 316 weeks
    Thanks Guys

    Thanks guys for the kind messages. At the time, I was feeling alone and depressed to the point I wanted to hide from everyone and just vanish without a trace, but seeing this helped me a bit with the issues. I didn't make the other blog because I wanted attention or a cry for help, but to be honest I really wanted to vanish.

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  • 316 weeks
    I Might Be Gone Forever

    Due to personal issues, I might not ever come back online when I sign off. I might come back on later, but all knows. I'm sorry to do this to all of you, but it's for the best.

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  • 319 weeks
    Good news!

    I managed to get internet from my big brother giving me his hot spot password. So I can write Higher Senses now~ I decided to make chapter eight into two parts since it's taking long to write all in one. Plus it'll feel less...stuffed.

    So the first part should come out soon. I don't know when, but hopefully soon.

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  • 319 weeks

    So Good news I found a place to live for the time being. Bad news it's in a room....inside a house with other people.

    Yay me right?

    So Im currently using a tablet to reach you guys so expect no update anytime soon because internet cost money folks. Sorry. I'll be writing on Google docs off online like the poor person I am. Til next time folks!

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It's Over · 3:31am Jul 25th, 2016

(I'm not killing myself. I'm just logging off here because I need to get my life on track. So this is the last time you'll see a blog, story or even a word from me. Sorry for the scare.)

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What's up?

We'll miss you if you do go.

NIEN! It cannot be over! You have every reason to continue! Love! LIVE I SAY!!!

What? What are you doing bro?:derpyderp2:

You matter to me. To us. To at least 923 others who would be sad to see you go.

We're here for you

Don't you fucking dare.

Hey. I don't know what you're going through, but I do know a little something about dealing with hard times. In my opinion, you're right, to a degree. Nothing INTRINSICALLY matters. It's up to us to give meaning to events. So go find what feels meaningful now. Maybe it's not ponies. Maybe it is ponies but they've gotten a little bit stale. Maybe other things in your life are really weighing you down and you need to shed some baggage. Maybe you need to have a talk with some people that are really affecting you somehow. I don't know what it is that has you down, but sometimes things need to be shaken up and re-evaluated to make sense.

Here's the way that I look at things. When I was ten, some events bothered me to the point of crying. I can't even remember those events now. When I was twenty, I had tough things to go through. Most of those things don't matter anymore, and that's in a good way. A lot of the things that I'm stressing about now won't matter in ten years. I just have to get through them.

So you're right, in my opinion. Things don't matter for the most part. They just matter in the immediate sense. There is both good and bad in that. It's depressing and freeing at the same time. So that's why I think that it's important to find the things that make life work for you right now and get more of that on your plate. It helps to balance out the tough shit that you have no choice in dealing with.

Good luck. You've always been cool in my book.

I don't know what you're going to do... But whatever it is, I hope it's not permanent.

You certainly scared me. But, please don't leave forever.

Understood man. Sometimes what's needed is change, even if what you have now isn't bad. Do well in whatever.

Awe, we'll be sad to see you go. Well, i wish you the best in whatever it is you try to do. It was great getting to read your stories and get to know the character behind the words a bit. While i hope this isn't the last we actually hear from you, i understand that there are many more important things than writing ponies. May we speak once your life is once again favorable. Au revoir, and until next do we speak!

Best of luck

Return with a bang!


Miss you, Manes

I hope you come back someday; your stories were and are amazing.

Hope you're doing well big guy, been a while, wishing you the best

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