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Trixie Facts · 6:59pm Jul 23rd, 2016

Because this should be done for someone and she is the obvious choice.

Trixie performed a Double Rainboom as a filly.
Trixie does not possess an Element of Harmony. Trixie does not need an Element of Harmony.
The changelings were actually repelled from Canterlot when Trixie sneezed and blew them away.
Trixie would have won the Battle of the Bands and defeated the Dazzlings by herself if the Rainbooms hadn't gotten in her way in the finale.
The Alicorn Amulet did not empower Trixie when she wore it. Being worn by Trixie empowered the Alicorn Amulet.
Trixie has her own throne in Twilight's castle. She sits wherever she pleases.
The reason Celestia went missing in the series premiere is because she knew Trixie was on her way to Ponyville.
Tirek tried to drain Trixie's magic but exploded from overload.
Trixie found the Bloodstone scepter first, but had to run off to single-handedly defeat King Sombra again before she could claim her title.
The reason no shops in Equestria sell Trixie merchandise is because they're perpetually sold out the instant they restock.
The reason the Apples founded Sweet Apple Acres is because Trixie's ancestors once camped on the property and it is now perpetually fertile.
Trixie could have completed Star Swirl's spell and become a Princess, but she was busy travelling back in time to bone Star Swirl himself.
Trixie could have completed the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive by herself, but wanted Starlight to feel like she contributed something.
The reason Button Mash is always playing video games is because he's trying desperately to beat Trixie's high scores.
Celestia and Luna got their cutie marks when they saw Trixie's ancestor put on a magic show.
The Badlands were created when Trixie was attempting to start a campfire with her magic and used too much magic.
The seventh future Starlight and Twilight saw was one where Trixie was never born and thus could not save the day from Grogar for them.

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Trixie does not possess an Element of Harmony. Trixie does not need an Element of Harmony.

Sorry, but this one is just plain wrong. Everypony knows the Elements of Harmony are Trixie (even if she tried to hide that fact from modesty).

Once, Trixie gazed upon her reflection in a lake. The lake loved it so much it wanted to keep her, but Trixie went away before the lake could figure out the way. Since then, the lake has come to be known as the Mirror Pool.

There is no mane under Trixie's hat. There is only another horn.
When Trixie levitates something, she is not lifting the object up. She is pushing the world down.
Trixie once shot down a Griffon by pointing a hoof at them and saying, "Bang."
Bloody Marey is afraid to say Trixie's name three times.
Trixie once took a lie detector test. The machine confessed everything.
Trixie once farted in a patch of woods. We now call it the Everfree Forest.

Starlight actually founded her village because she knew she'd never be as good as Trixie.
Trixie is always better than you. If the human and pony Trixies ever touched, both universes would implode from the paradox of each being better than the other. Only the Trixies would survive.
Next time Yakyakistan tries to declare war on Equestria, the princesses will just remind the yaks that Trixie lives there.
Trixie never attended the Equestria Games because she thought somepony else should get a few medals this time around.
A bugbear once stung Trixie. After five days of agonizing pain, the bugbear died.

So Trixie is the new Chuck Norris?

Luna and Celestia don't control the day and night. What ponies term 'the night' is merely when Trixie blinks.


Trixie once farted in a patch of woods. We now call it the Everfree Forest.

THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE READ ALL DAY!! Seriously I actually explosively laughed for like 2 minutes.:rainbowlaugh:

4108683 Chuck Norris wishes he was as great and powerful as Trixie.

You should really get that keyboard fixed. You misspelled 'Sunset' a lot in the post.

Sinks in Trixie's house doesn't lose water, they win.
If you can see Trixie, Trixie can see you. If you can't see Trixie, you're done for it.
If Trixie is banging a mare, it's not because she's gay. She just run short of colts.
Trixie doesn't sleep. She waits with her eyes closed.
Trixie impregnates every colt she lays with. But not the Mares.
Somepony thinks that an Ursa Minor once defeated Trixie. Actually, Trixie just want to make others believe that in order to let them think they would stand a chance against her.
When Trixie goes to the beach, she doesn't swim: the water wants to be around her.

So technically, Trixie is the pony equivalent of Chuck Norris... I can live with that.

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