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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #439! · 4:59am Jul 23rd, 2016

Friendly reminder from your neighborhood MythrilMoth: If you're going to give your bookshelves passive-aggressive names like '1 year gone', 'three months gone', and so forth, please make them private! (It'd be really nice if there was a site blog post asking people to avoid doing this in the first place and explaining why it's a jerkass thing to do...)

Disclaimer: Today's OOCSST is not actually a screenshot. It's a fanart reproduction of a screenshot I found on deviantart. Hence the absurdly high resolution and clarity of the image. I can unfortunately no longer find the source, or there would be a link.

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I didn't make those types of bookshelves private on the hope that it may have motivated people. I'll be making it private now that I realize how rude it can be.

4107862 It actually doesn't "motivate" writers to do anything but think "wow, this guy's a jerk." So please stop doing it.

People can be jerks with that kinda thing.

4107884 Case in point the guy that deserves to be punched in the face shown in the screenshot.

4107921 Looks like I found a new target to hit with all my frustration.:twilightsheepish: Thanks for that.

"Pucker up, love!"
the third most punchable face I've seen.

4107966 Who are the other two?

He can move at the speed of light yet he still does everything so slowly...

I can unfortunately no longer find the source, or there would be a link.

Had to dig a little bit, but I believe there's a chance that this is the source link. Not entirely sure it's actually the original source, however... :unsuresweetie:

Yes, I'm going to be making it private because I realize the dickishness with doing stuff like that. People have lives and nobody needs to have people bugging them about their stories being dead/in hiatus when they know.

I edited the comment a few seconds after making it adding that I'd be doing that, but the comment didn't change immediately.

4107974 Donald Trump and a guy I knew in middle school.

4107994 Yeah, that's where I found it, and I doubt it's the original source also. And even if it is, it's vectored/traced screenshot. Thanks, by the way!

4108003 Thank you.

That moment you think you have the perfect photo and then you look at it.

:applecry:"I need an adult!"

"I am an adult!"

This admiral always gave me a creepy feeling. :twilightoops:

4108571 Probably because "Yaranaika?" is his default facial expression.

4108637 Yeah, that's probably why. :twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:



I hope to god that Sanji kicks that guys face in one day.

The most smug asshole in the entire navy. Good thing he doesn't exist in real life, otherwise we'd have a lot of problems to deal with.

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