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Guest Arc for The Wheel and The Butterfly writen by Tatsurou! · 5:55pm Jul 22nd, 2016

On the off chance you've been letting your feed pile up and ignoring all your updates until they hit triple, maybe quadrupedal digits (in which case, you probably won't see this, but whatever...)

Crossover writer extraordinaire Tatsurou has been diligently writing and submitting bonus chapters for The Wheel and The Butterfly! So if you've missed Dan and Pinkie shenanigans, they are back! Also more robots and time travel shenanigans then you can shake a chainsaw at.

Some of you may not have been reading TW&TB and are wondering if you can just jump into this new installment without the hundreds of installments that proceed it. Well anything is legal if their's no police present! OR I don't know... anything is possible if you believe in yourself?! Look, there's arcs and arcs of plot and stuff that's happened and this clearly takes place after all those things so... But... on the bright side, it's Dan and Pinkie so how much sense does it really have to make!

Anyhow, the story is up to chapter 3 with more coming rapidly.

If you're down for wackiness and pink ponies but are frightened by word counts that hit 6 digits, than may I suggest my latest fic Strangerer Thing. It's got comedy, random, horror... dark... But don't be intimidated by the scarier tags. Just remember to giggle at the ghosties and make friends with interdimensional beings who want to stick you in goo piles!

Thanks for reading! Later!

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Ah, Tatusrou, damn good author. Pity I have zero interest in Dan vs.

Alright! The Saga of Hilarity is ongoing! :pinkiehappy:

Until I read this story, so did I.
But thanks to this story, not only did I decide to binge watch Dan Vs., but I'm now writing a guest arc for it. Trust me, I think you'd enjoy this story.


Really? All right, I'll give it a try, probably watch a bit of Dan vs first to get an idea of what the titular Dan sounds like.


That's all you need.


... So that was a thing.

Hasbor did a lot of Dan and Pinkie stuff.
Including this.


Is it wrong that the first thing my eyes jumped to was the use of PinkY Pie rather than PinkIE Pie?

Though the sub-headline is pretty interesting.
"Weekend Fling or Wedding Ring?"


Aside from my surprise that Hasbro pulled that, I'd have to go with the first. As fun as Pinkie is, I think that her boundless energy would either make Dan angry, or exhaust him.

The story we're discussing suggests differently.


... Spoilers. Oh what the heck, you've convinced me. I'll have a look.

Also more robots and time travel shenanigans then you can shake a chainsaw at.

time travel shenanigans

god dammit

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