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I don't often write, but when I do it normally involves drama and/or NSFW content ;P

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My First Clopfic! · 2:14pm Jul 22nd, 2016

I wrote a RariDash clopfic, and almost ended up pulling an all nighter with that first chapter, anyway feel free to read it if you so wish. :twilightsmile:

And just so you know, I should be back to writing chapters for my main story ('Among The Pegasi') by early next month. :raritywink:

Hope you all are having a good summer. :pinkiesmile:
(it's been WAY too hot where I am -_-)

KillerChainsaw ;)

Report KillerChainsaw · 290 views · Story: Let Me Break You · #Clopfic #RariDash
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