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    Wow. In the absence of myself, I gained a pretty decent number of new followers :)

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    Anyone know any good mlp rp sites around?

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Wut. · 6:05am Jul 22nd, 2016

Wow. In the absence of myself, I gained a pretty decent number of new followers :)
I've been pretty busy: between school, role playing, life, and being creative. But-that doesn't mean I've run out of ideas for stories. In fact, I have a whole Google Doc filled with potential story ideas! It's just whether or not I have enough of the audience's interest to encourage me to turn those ideas into stories.

So...guys, should I continue writing more MLP fanfiction?

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Comments ( 3 )

I say you should keep writing. You do it very well and I personally would love to read more from you.

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