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Update on Who you Work for and silly life stuff · 8:30pm Jul 21st, 2016

So for anyone knowing why there has been a month gap between now and the last chapter, I have my reasons. For starters, I just want to have the entire Gala event written out and post each chapter on a day to day basis until the event (in the story) is over. This part of the story has been planned for the last two years and has been changing ever since. I want this to be one of the best things i have written to date and I have already gotten started and have a few chapters finished. This may be a fan fiction, but it is still my story and I want my story to be well remembered among my readers. And of course, this story is a squeal...

Keep that in mind...

Now onto real life nonsence. I will be honest, I have been the happiest in the last month. Let's just say my job is like a contractor. I am needed when work comes around. When that work slows down, you don't work. I have been stressed and a bit depressed with my job and have a "why bother" attitude and don't bother with working (which is stupid to be honest). I have been getting support from my parents so no need to worry about me being homeless. Modivation is a bit hard to find because of the situation and location that I am in. But thankfully, a career opportunity had just came up and might finally be set for a long time. I go in for my second interview Monday, so wish me luck/ pray for me that everything goes well with that.

That's all.

I am a little more high on spirits now so expect a flow of chapters sometime in August (hopefully by the end of this month). The end is near and yet two beginnings will start...

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