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Mixels and Steven universe crossover · 2:11am Jul 21st, 2016

Nurp- Steven
Magnifo- Pearl
Zorch- Amethyst
Flurr- Sapphire
Vulk- Ruby
Flurr and Vulk mix- Garnet
Badoo- Connie
Lunk- Lapis
Balk- Jasper
Snoof- Peridot
Zorch and Magnifo mix- Opal
Vulk and Flurr mix and Magnifo mix- Sardonyx
Flurr and Vulk mix and Zorch mix- Sugilite
Lunk and Balk mix- Machalite
Vulk and Flurr mix,Magnifo,and Zorch mix- Alexandrite
Snoof and Lunk mix- Aquamarine
Momoko- Rose quartz
Flain- Greg
Momoko and Magnifo mix- Rainbow quartz
Paladum- Lion
Badoo and Naut mix- Stevonnie
Other characters- Other mixels

All characters belongs to their respective owners

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